Asia’h Epperson

Asia’h Epperson made it to the top 24 of American Idol and sung her sweet little heart out. Unfortunately for Asia’h Epperson, she made it no further on the American Idol Bandwagon and was unsurreptitiously shown the stage door.

Asia’h Epperson, true to the concept of American Idol and its similar television based talent contest style shows around the world, was a fantastic vocal searchlight shining way above her contemporaries. She started her voyage on this tough talent contest show with an audition that almost never happened.

Just two days before her important audition, her father was killed in a terrible car accident. Being a strong character and determined girl, Asia’h Epperson went ahead and did her audition, singing the emotional LeAnn Rimes song “How Do I Live.” She made it though with such power and emotion that it won the hearts of the huge American public as well as the judges, who sent her through to the next stage of the competition.

She made it all the way to the last 24, but for some unknown reason was voted off the show by a fickle American audience with a short memory!

Well, for Asia’h Epperson not to make it past that point in this tough and competitive show was a real shame for millions of aspiring and highly talented followers who would have dearly loved to have been in the shoes of Asia’h Epperson.

But let us not lament the passing of this bright talent in the soulful voice and exacting talent of Asia’h Epperson. She did her best and when a person does their best that’s all anyone can ever ask. After all Asia’h Epperson was good enough to have made it all the way to the very pinnacle of the talent television show which she practically made her own.

Perhaps they should have renamed American Idol, the Asia’h Epperson show!

Well, that’s all very well and now its time to put this to rest. The 2008 American Idol TV show goes from strength to strength with or without the huge talents of someone like Asia’h Epperson. She will, we hope never fade into obscurity with such an outstanding singing talent. The world will be a poorer place indeed without Asia’h Epperson I’m certain.

Asia’h Epperson made for millions of television viewers a special place in their hearts and souls as they all tuned in avidly in the hope that she would be voted onto the next round each time. She did that time and time again in order to reach the last 24 and for that reason gained a huge following of Asia’h Epperson fans and devotees.

Will we mourn the missing talents of Asia’h Epperson from American Idol?

Perhaps. Perhaps not. Who can tell in this fickle industry? The music business and the media monster that is television can be sling-shots to fame for the likes of Asia’h Epperson, or equally they can drop you like a stone without a backwards glance. Which way this will go is anyone’s guess.

2009 Update:

So far, there is no more news on Asia’h, although the latest incarnation of the massive television talent show, American Idol 8 is gearing up for another airing on American TV and around the world via the Internet.

Which means more rounds of great talent, mean voting and meaner judges, tears of joy and tears of sadness as a whole new group of hopefuls join the show starting January 13th when the show gets on the road once again. Let’s see what happens this time.

Viva Asia’h Epperson!

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