How Can You Get Your Site To PR6 Fast?

Aha, thought that’d get your attention!

As my last “experiment” into the world of hot product affiliate marketing bombed as you’ll read in my last post (Canned Article on Get Google Ads Free!), my attention was diverted into a potentially much more lucrative opportunity.

I found out how to get my hands on some decent PR without having to wait a couple of years and work my backside off writing a guzillion articles and begging, borrowing or stealing back-links from all and sundry.


Now you may think I just found the holy grail of Internet Marketing when I tell you that I just tripped over this nugget of solid gold, but the actuality of it is much more mundane. I’m being quite honest in that I know how to get fast PR on a site, but I’m being a little coy here in order to get your saliva glands dripping in anticipation first!

Ok, I’ll spill the beans. It’s not as if I just invented some back door way of circumventing the system or anything. In fact there are already several marketers that I know already doing this right now and because this knowledge has exploded into the domain of public knowledge, competition is suddenly making this more difficult to achieve, but I have done it. Where did this information first spring from? Vic’s place at Blogger Unleashed! If you haven’t already heard about it, check it out.

I’ve got my hands on a PR6 site and it only cost me a years registration fee and an extra $5 to buy the domain. Ah, I can see you’re catching my drift. That’s right, I found out that you can buy ready made domains that the owners no longer want – thousands of them are available at an given time. If you head over to GoDaddy you’ll see them listed for sale in their domain auctions section.

You can bid on expired domains (or soon to be expired) and they start at $5. Of course the really good, useful and keyword relevant domain names go for much more as niche marketers bid against each other and push the price right up into the thousands of dollars. But if you have the patience to sift through all the $5 domains and research the ones that you think might be useful to you, then you can come away with the odd bargain in a well aged domain that already has some PR.

There are lots with PR1, PR2 and a good smattering of PR3s if you look hard enough. These domains in themselves are valuable in that they can be developed into higher PR sites over a 3-4 month period without the worry of being sandboxed by Google, because of their age.

If you’re wondering about that, Google will often send a new site to the sandbox if they think it is growing too fast and may be a spammer site. That doesn’t tend to happen with domains that are over 2 years old, so buying an expired domain gives you the chance to develop a site quickly and start making money from it.

All sounds good, doesn’t it? And it is there for the taking. The only snag is that it takes a huge amount of time and patience sifting through the thousands of domains for one that has some age and PR, because GoDaddy doesn’t tell you any of that – you have to research each domain yourself with whois info to ascertain age and that the domain isn’t blacklisted or anything nasty and the Google toolbar to find out if it has any PR.

So what about this PR6 site?

Yep, I found a PR6 domain that is set to expire in a couple of days and have paid the princely sum of $5 plus another $9.95 to register it for a year, so assuming the current owner doesn’t suddenly pop up at the eleventh hour and decide he want to keep it, it will transfer into my safekeeping on the 22nd.

Just think of all the things you could do with a PR6 site!

Linking to your existing sites to boost their own PR is one for starters. Developing a wordpress blog on there in an affiliate niche to ram it up onto the first page in Google and make some serious money is another.

Or I could squander it for a fast return on my meagre investment and write a brace of high paid reviews and make a couple of fast $grand before the big G finds out and slaps it down. Mm, that actually appeals to me but I think I’ll keep looking to find some more PR6 domains first so I’ve got some for the long term as well.


You bet!

Terry Didcott
The Honest Way

I’m Happy with My Hosting Company, Are You?

I was sitting here pondering over the limitations of my Hostgator’s baby crock hosting package – as you do – wondering if I might have been getting near to my bandwidth allocation for last month as I checked my usage and was just under the 2 gigabytes.

I knew my disk allocation was fine, as I’m only using just under 50 mb of my 100 gb allocation – a veritable drop in the ocean!

But cPanel doesn’t actually tell you what your bandwidth allocation is, so I had to go to the sign-up page to see. Well, what was I worried about?

2 measly gigabytes? Piffle!

Bandwidth allocation is actually slightly more than 2gb… 1000gb to be precise! A whole terrabyte of bandwidth!!! I didn’t realise I had that much!

Compare that with the pathetic allocation I’m getting with MPAM’s There it’s only 100mb disk space and a useless 500mb bandwidth. They only give you 1 mysql database, so that means only 1 blog and that’s it. If you wanted to add a forum or any other add-on you’d have to pay for an upgrade! Sorry guys, but that’s a bit too restricting for me. Puts it into perspective somewhat.

So to say I’m happy with Hostgator is an understatement. I get unlimited mysql databases, unlimited add-on domains, unlimited subdomains, unlimited email accounts and all that storage and bandwidth!

I’m only scratching the surface with my usage at the moment. I’ve only got 3 add-on domains and two subdomains so far, one forum and four blogs hosted so there’s loads of room for expansion. I do intend to expand… but it takes a lot of writing which takes a lot of time! But it’s time well spent and I do enjoy writing – as you can probably tell!

I’ve just added a new wordpress blog to replace the creaky old one at my hypnosis site and created a brand new blog to compliment this one. I’ll be populating it heavily over the next few weeks, so head on over and have a look when you get a chance. What’s it called? Oh, yeah…

Hope you like it!

Terry Didcott