Using MyLot to Promote Your Site

I just noticed that are allowing blog owners to link their blogs. For those of us with blogs attached to our own websites, that can only mean one good thing. Yep. Another backlink to add weight to the never ending quest for that decent search engine page ranking.

As part of the blog add-on process, you have to include a link in a post on your blog that MyLot can spider to verify you are the owner of the blog. Here it is:
myLot User Profile

It links to my MyLot profile, so I guess if you are really curious to see what I say about myself there you could click the link.

Of course, I’d rather you went and checked out my site for the really useful IM products I have, or to read some of my informational articles that I’ve put up for free, or even to visit my forum and if you’re not already a member, then to sign up and start posting quality stuff for the community to read.

That’s all I’m saying on the subject for now. Come back again soon for more info, updates and general IM promotional know-how.

Terry Didcott