List Building and Autoresponders

Following on from my last post Make Money or Save Money?, where I looked at several honest methods of making money by actually saving money ( you have to read it!), I’m going to turn my attention back to one of the oldest and still most successful ways of making money online.

List building and doing it using the favourite tool of the Internet Marketer, the autoresponder.

We’ve come a long way in the last year or two in the general mode of thinking when it comes to list building. It is something that has been around for a very long time and will probably still be around after all the current fad make money techniques and search engine subterfuge have died away.

The reason that “the list” is where the money always was and still very much is, boils down to one major fact of life. Trust.

If you are trusted, then people are more likely to buy something from you or something you recommend than from someone they don’t trust. Trust has to be earned and one sure-fire way to earn people’s trust is to keep in contact with them and prove to them that what you are selling or recommending is giving them true value. People hate to be ripped off, but the flipside of the coin is they love to be shown respect and honesty. The honest Internet Marketer who can prove their integrity and honesty to a wide group of people gains their respect and will be seen as someone who deserves their loyalty and trust.

Many Internet Marketers who fall over and blow it are the ones who build up a huge list then rip the people on that list off by selling them crap, or trying to sell them too much too soon. Greed is the common denominator in many an Internet Marketer’s downfall.

So where does that leave someone who wants to be successful, make a lot of money the honest way and keep doing it if they can’t sell a ton of products to their list constantly and often?

Well, it means using the benefits of having a large list to make money but not being so greedy and hasty as to go at it too quickly and with products that are not 100% value for money. By all means build as large a list as you can and give them plenty of free stuff. Everyone loves something for nothing and the more free stuff you can give away to your list that has value for them (even though its free) the more the people on that list will trust you. If, every once in a while you throw in something that your list will have to pay for, as long as you explain how it will benefit them and give them more value than the money they would spend on buying it, then you should be ok and will not alienate anyone from your list.

Be honest and tell them if there are any aspects of the product you want to sell them that might detract from its value to them. Or highlight specific areas that the product will help them and those that will not help them. If they know exactly what they will be paying for before they open their wallets, there is much less chance they will be asking for a refund a few days later and sending you an unsubscribe email!

So this then leads me on to how to build your list.

The most important aspect of building a list is having a good autoresponder. An autoresponder is a software package that enables you to harvest the email address of anyone who opts-in to your free giveaway or promotion package and then sends them whatever emails are necessary for them to download your freebie as well as generating a series of follow-up emails as you define over a period of time.

By using a good autoresponder, you circumvent the possibility of being accused of sending spam emails. That’s because firstly, the person willingly gave you their email address and secondly, the subsequent emails send out contain an “unsubscribe” link should they wish to opt-out and no longer wish to receive any further emails from you. This is infinitely better than using your own host’s autoresponder service. That’s because any accusations of spam activity must be investigated by your host which could mean your account being suspended for the duration of the investigation. Meaning all your sites go down for an unspecified length of time. Which could be disastrous for your business.

So where do you get a good autoresponder?

Well, there are several good ones on the market of which some are free and some must be paid for. It stands to reason that the autoresponders that are paid for are going to be better in many ways to the free ones. They will contain several important features not available on free autoresponders and will be much more robust and reliable. One such offering comes from iContact Email Marketing. iContact is a simple to use email marketing, surveying, autoresponder and blogging tool. It allows small businesses, non-profit organisations and associations to communicate easily online with their customers, prospects and members. Its worth checking out as their monthly rates are highly competitive and the additional services that come with the package are substantial.

Of course its a matter of personal choice and there are other autoresponders around, so the honest way recommendation, as always, is to look at all of the available choices and weigh up the pros and cons before deciding upon which is best for your business.

Remember, once you’ve built up a solid list of email subscribers, you don’t need to keep trying to sell them stuff, otherwise you’re just using them as milking cows and people will not tolerate being treated as such. So there are lots of other ways to make use of your list while keeping in friendly contact on a reasonably regular basis. There are always free offers that you can direct their attention to – as long as you have checked them out yourself first and are happy they are not thinly veiled opt-ins for scams.

You can also direct their attention to other money making possibilities that you have affiliate links to, such as online writing sites like Constant Content that will pay them for selling their articles, or online job offers from legitimate companies.

Just as long as everything you recommend to your list is honest and trustworthy, you’ll keep the people already there while continuing to nurture it as it grows. From which you will make money, honest!

Terry Didcott
The Honest Way

How to Make Money with Something for Nothing

I love post titles that get the old grey matter stirring and the inquisitive juices flowing! After my last post How Can I Make Money Online?, where I rather blatantly promoted Grizzly’s new blog I think its time to return to some honest money making information spill over!

Lots of Internet Marketers are busily beavering away on making money with the various tools, affiliate programs, products, merchandise, advertising or whatever else they use to make a buck here and there, some more than other. So everyone is keen to learn of any new promotional packages that might turn up to help them along with another stream of income. Its how we all work.

Well, here is one that I just learned about and it looks like being a good way of producing some additional income while sitting passively there in the old sidebar. And it has nothing to do with selling links or writing so-called paid reviews or anything else that might get you into trouble with Google or anyone else for that matter. Its a company called RevResponse and their main aim is to promote free subscription magazines, podcasts, webinars, white papers and the like that their affiliates – that’s me and you – are paid to promote. Its a sort of lead generation program that pays its affiliates to generate leads to these free resources.

Well, does that sound good?

Want to know what sounds even better? Well, for the month of July only, if you sign up with RevResponse and write a blog post about them, they’ll send you a bonus $50 for your trouble! The program is pretty simple to sign up with and they create a subdomain site for you to promote, ready made with all the links and blurb so you really don’t have to do anything except direct some traffic to it and hope that traffic will be interested in getting something for nothing.

Which is a great way for you to add another how to make money with something for nothing, leading back to the title of this post.

I’ve only just signed up myself and obviously this is the $50 post to raise awareness of RevResponse, so I can’t produce any earnings stats for you yet. I think its fair to let it run for a couple of months to see what is produces and if it looks good I shall spin it out to some other of my sites to see if I can’t extend its potential some.

Of course, if you haven’t already signed up for it yet and are interested I’d be most happy of you clicked my affiliate link and make me a dollar for my troubles which is here: RevResponse. If you’d prefer to rob me of a measly dollar, you can sign up with this non affiliate, direct link: RevResponse.

Here’s to your continued success!

Terry Didcott
The Honest Way