Where Did That Widget Go?

You might be wondering where that annoyingly slow to load up widget from WidgetBucks went from my sidebar.

Well, I got so fed up with it halting my browser window as I scrolled down to it so that it could load up, that I took it off! It wasn’t the best advertising skyscraper block for my sidebar here anyway, as there wasn’t anything truly relevant to this site to advertise. Well, I suppose PCs and PDAs might be loosely associated with the business of running an online make money blog, but for all that I didn’t actually make a single penny with it for the few weeks it spent clogging up my page.

If it annoyed me, how much would it have annoyed my readers? I had to think of you as well, so in the best interests of everybody, the widget had to go!

Now if I could find a decent money making replacement…

Terry Didcott
The Honest Way

Shiny New Button

You may have noticed a shiny new button has appeared here on The Honest Way blog that says “Zoom”. Well, its a widget that comes from a place called Blogging Zoom. I heard about it on my friend Grizzly’s blog at How to Make Money Online for Beginners.

So what is Blogging Zoom?

Blogging Zoom is a social networking site that was created by internet marketer Courtney Tuttle and programmer and SEO specialist Vic Franqui. These guys have got together and built this social networking site exclusively for bloggers with a single goal in mind – to increase your traffic!

Blogging Zoom is similar to other sites like digg and PlugIm etc with the exception that Blogging Zoom does encourage you to submit your own blogs and blog pages. This is not generally allowed with some of the other social networks. Blogging Zoom also has another important benefit – it doesn’t allow news sites and all the popular websites that tend to dominate and crowd out the smaller blogs.

Blogging Zoom is designed to attract traffic to your blog in two ways.

  • Firstly from people who browse the site directly (the Zoomers).
  • Secondly by creating SE optimized snippets that hopefully will rank well on search engines.

You need to sign-up (it’s free) with Blogging Zoom before you can start voting for your favourite blog posts.

So How Does Blogging Zoom Work?

Simply write and publish your post on your blog as usual, then submit it to Blogging Zoom and write a short description of it. Once it’s submitted, you can vote for it, which gets the ball rolling. If your post grabs the interest of other readers, they’ll vote for it too and with a bit of luck you may even get to the front page – where even more people will see it and vote. You can put a button on your post as I have here to encourage your readers to “zoom” you as well.

This button is a wordpress plugin that you can get on the site and as far as I’m aware there is a version for Blogger nlogs as well.

So there’s another great way of further improving a blog’s exposure to more readers and should attract more traffic as a result. Thanks guys!

By the way, if you blog about Blogging Zoom, Courtney will give you a link back to your blog from his PR3 site.

Also, if you also mention (and link to) The Honest Way in your post, I’ll also give you a link back to your blog from here – this is PR3 too!

Terry Didcott
The Honest Way