Just Making Money, That’s All!

The Honest Way is an informational and educational site with lots of articles and tutorials on how to get started in business online and make money along the way.

If you look at The Honest Way Articles Page, you’ll see a whole lot of useful and informative articles to help you in that department. The Honest Way Forum is there to help anyone who needs it and they can’t find what they need in amongst the articles. It’s also the social get together meeting place for my friends online where we can talk about marketing strategies and the best ways of generating income from the internet.

There is also an The Honest Way Resources Page where I promote some really first class products that will also help you enormously in your online endeavours to make money from the internet.

That leaves this blog.

Well, this is the place that I get to write on a daily (more or less) basis on the things that I know about how to make money online, outside resources that are of interest, competitions, contacts, other friends’ blogs and so forth. It is also a place where I can get on and make money too.

You might have noticed that recently, since this place got its PR upgrade I’ve been writing a few more reviews. Well, however much I enjoy doing what I do online it also makes me happy to actually make money while I’m doing it. The PR hike means I can do some more of it and increase my ability to make money at the same time.

I’ll try to stay on topic or as close to as is sensible with the reviews and if a rather well paid review comes along that I really shouldn’t turn down on common sense grounds, then I’ll make sure I word it so that it can somehow be construed as pertaining to the online business world, which I think is fair enough. Obviously, I’m not going to start blogging about pet accessories or ladies fashions here. That would be downright blatantly off-topic and silly. So bear with me while I make some money to pay for and justify all the time I spend in front of this thing!

Also, for every paid review I do, I promise to follow it with at least one good post.

The good news is that my newer blog, Make Money has finally come of age (in paid review terms) and I’ve just submitted it to PayPerPost. It’s PR3 means it’s sure to be accepted quickly which means I’ll be able to spread the reviews over two blogs, with more actually going over there. After all, its main function and whole reason for existing is to live up to its name and make money!

Which, at the end of the (very long) day is what being an Internet Marketer is all about.

Terry Didcott
The Honest Way

Just Busy Makin’ Money!

You might have noticed a small surge in paid reviews here at The Honest Way over the last couple of days. Well, it’s just me doing what I need to do to make up for a lot of lost time in reimbursing myself for all the hard work and time I’ve put into this blog and website.

The whole theme of the website is on how to make money online and part of that process involves writing for reward. I still write off-site for Constant Content (link in my sidebar) and a few other places, but since the page rank increase here, it would be stupid of me to pass up the much greater selection of paid reviews that are on offer for this blog.

I won’t let it inundate the blog either, as I’m also intelligent enough to realize that people don’t always want to read nothing but reviews of other places, businesses and so forth, so I’ll make sure that for every paid review there will be a minimum of one good post to make up for it.

Obviously, I can’t be writing reviews every day, or I’d probably go insane, so there is a physical limit to the amount I can write and still stay enthusiastic about this website.

So don’t be alarmed or think I’ve sold out just to make a few bucks at the expense of this site. No way, man! I’ve put too much into this to do that.

Terry Didcott
The Honest Way