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After reading Lissie’s long post on What is a Long Tail Keyword? Keyword Identification for the New and Clueless, I was tempted to leave a huge comment, then common sense kicked in (ok, I had a duh moment), and I decided it would do more good posting it right here and sending a link to that post. Lis gains a link and I gain some content and a post on this blog that doesn’t get so many these days.

I was going to write about the personal success I had been having by targeting certain keywords in certain niches that have become rather profitable for me. In fact one of those keywords (or niches containing many related keywords) is exactly the type that most experts tell you to stay away from.

Yes, I foolishly (at the time) decided to go all out for a the weight loss niche and found just what the term “competitive niche” really means. Its a dog fight and took me well over a year to get my site to rank first page for its main KW, which is a slightly longer tail of “weight loss” but one that attracts almost 100k searches a month. It may at first seem a foolish thing to do, but when I looked at it from the perspective that it would make money for the long term, I realised that I had to go for it anyway, just to prove to myself that it was possible and that I could do exactly what I was told not to do. Yeah, I’m still a rebel!

I have to say this to anyone who is scared of taking on a big, competitive keyword:


Just don’t expect results for a bloody long time! But in the meantime go after lots of related very long tails in that niche and target a few other small niches to generate some income while you’re waiting for the big one to start to pay off. It will – and in spades – if you put in the work, as I have now found. I had to build a huge network of supporting sites and get links like they are going out of fashion, but it can be done. All the work is my own and I haven’t paid for any “tools” or software, I did not have to “join” anybody’s school or academy, and I did not buy a single link!

I did it all for free apart from buying domains and hosting. Yet I now have a page 1 ranked site that makes pretty damn good money in a highly competitive niche.

Does that make me an SEO expert? You decide.

What it does mean is that, with regards to SEO’ing a website into the top 10 results at Google and the other search engines for a competitive keyword or several, I know how to make it happen in the real world without having to call the “experts” to do it for me. In fact the knowledge that I possess and have actually used to get real results for myself, is no different from what the “experts” allegedly have. Probably more so, because I am using it to rank my own sites and making money that way.

I do not need to take money off noobs to show them how to do what I do.

That sets me apart from the “experts” who all too often feel they have to sell something to noobs or get them to buy into a monthly subscription for a marketing school that is supposed to show them how to advance in blogging for money, or list building, or copywriting to sell the same regurgitated garbage that their mentor’s are already selling, or any of the other mainstream Internet marketing techniques that work only for the chosen few and fail the vast majority of the people they are supposed to be helping while taking shamelessly their money for something that they will likely rarely ever profit from.

So who’s the real expert?

The one who pimps a portion of their knowledge to noobs to make money? Or the one who uses their knowledge to further his or her own websites in the SERPs to make money from the very search traffic that is looking for what your site is promoting?

There is no right way or wrong way to make money, because if you make money, then whatever you are doing is right for you. It may just not be right for whoever you are taking that money from, or it may be right of you are selling them something that they really need and what they were searching for in the first place. If that was knowledge on how to make money online, then you really should ensure that what you are selling them will in turn make them money and do what it says on the box.

Because if whatever you are selling does not fulfil its promise, then you have failed as an “expert” and should in turn be labelled a “scammer”.

This is the beauty of selling to search traffic (outside the MMO niche, at least) in that you are selling what people are really looking for, be it a washing machine, the latest cell phone, a megapixel camera, a movie DVD or a book on how to lose weight. These things do exactly what they say they do and the customer gets what they pay for because that’s what they wanted.

The website owner that sells this stuff, or promotes an affiliate program that earns them commission for sending visitors to the site that sells the stuff is the real Internet marketer. They are the real experts, because they are really doing it and really making money online from what they do and the knowledge they possess on how to do it. Its what I do and I sleep very well at night because of it.

Whatever you do, never give up!

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Make Money Online For Real

Its another year gone and another one started and with it the promise of so much more than what’s gone before. In fact, this year will be better than the last financially. For once, that statement is actually true, at least coming from this camp. Its no hyped up bollocks that so many Internet marketers of the “fake it until you make it” ilk spout out to try to impress their handful of loyal albeit slightly misguided followers. It real.

That’s because I really do make my entire living from the Internet and I make it thanks to a lot of hard work and determination. Those are two points that the so-called experts manage to omit from their glossy ads that tell you how they can make several thousand bucks in a week, or whatever crap they’re trying to get you to believe so you’ll buy their ebook. Maybe they do make a few thousand in a week, but of the other 51 weeks of the year they more likely barely make ends meet (although they won’t tell you that either).

Oh, I wasn’t going to harp on about all that crap either, but I just can’t help it whenever I want to write about what’s real in this unreal online world. So let’s keep things upbeat and forget the scammers for a moment or two. Let’s talk about success.

Success is what comes from the sweat and tears (ok, maybe the blistered fingers from all that typing) that goes into building up a decent enough stable of websites that produce income. It does take a lot of work of the research, writing and promoting kind. Most of the work is actually the laborious link getting that pushes those sites up the SERPs to a position where they can enjoy enough organic traffic to convert visitors into clicks or sales. But when you see the results of that hard work in terms of coinage, then you know that what you’re doing is right and its working. Far more solid and observable than other less measurable methods, I must say!

So this isn’t going to be a long winded post full of make money keywords that everyone and their dog is trying to rank for, as I gave up trying to break into the MMO niche a long time ago. I don’t need to spend all my time banging my head on that particular brick wall, when there are other equally profitable niches out there that I have found much easier to crack with less work and faster results.

So for all you wannabe Internet marketers out there that are still trying to figure out how to overtake Griz in that area, good luck and may your efforts one day pay off! As for me, I’ll take my chances in the niches you guys are leaving alone for me. Thanks!

Happy New Year!

…and whatever you do, never give up!

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