TrianaSoft Scam: Do Not Be Fooled

Don’t get sucked into the scamming hype that spouts from via spam emails telling you a bunch of commissions are already yours. This is just another money sucking scam promoted by spamming bastards that post crap to your inbox with promises of riches for doing nothing.

Here’s an unsolicited (spam) email I just received:

Re: $2,535.39 Commission Paid to (email)

Congratulations on your first commission payment! …Oh Really?

If your email address is, duh please claim your payment what payment is that then? by clicking the link below:

Claim It Here Now …this links to

Congrats again,

PS: The words in red are my additions. Now, back to the plot.

Oh, I’m so terribly overjoyed… On the other hand…

I haven’t posted in this blog for quite some time for a very good reason. I’m not working in the MMO niche right now and there’s not much point in me wasting my time on it. I have more profitable niches that my time is much better spent at. But the above email targeted this site’s main address so I feel it’s personal.

I doubt many people bother to read this blog since the information in it is so out of date, but maybe this is a signal that I should start it up again. I could get going by calling out scammers and wankers who like to spam my inbox with their crap. Yep, that’s a good place to start.

So once again, stay away from money grabbing scamming fuckers like this Michael bloke and his pile of steaming shit get rich quick scheme which is doubtless designed to get HIM rich quick, not you!

There. Said it and because I’m so angry, I used the bloody C word too.


That’s it. Rant over. Get back to work now.

How NOT to Make Money with Site Build It

This The Honest Way blog is getting its second post in a month. What’s going on here? I’ll tell you.

I love it when someone writes a review of a product or service that is hard hitting and honest, then all the affiliates and noob hangers on of said product come out in force to try to bully the writer with their side of the story, especially when they are only virtually spouting the company line.

Lissie called out Site Build It as a scam at her article that you can read here: Site Build It Scam along with all the troll comments from the so-called experts.

Ok, I’m not reviewing Site Build It here, nor am I saying whether it is a scam or not – plenty of people are already doing a great job of it without me adding fuel to the fire. I’m just raising awareness that if you take on a company like this with your own opinion of what it is, which in a free world is anyone’s prerogative, you should expect some defending to be done of that company, but what you should not expect is to be bullied and harassed by a bunch of nasty, ill-informed noobs.

So Lissie gets my full support here and I have a feeling that many other established marketers who do know what they are doing will likewise stand behind her and lend their support.

Incidentally, Vic has made one of his trademark videos with some real home truths about the alleged expertise of one of those know-it-all commenters here: Site Build It Noobs Are Funny. Hey Vic, hope you don’t mind the anchor to try outrank them for their own KW…

Anyway, good on ya Lissie!

Update: Looks like the heavyweights are all wading in now. Griz just posted this additional flame fanning post here: Site Build it – Don’t Buy It. So if you were actually contemplating spending $300 of your hard earned cash on a per year basis for a website that you could put together and host yourself for considerably less – after reading all this and all the additional info from the real experts (not the wannabe’s from the SBI forum) I’m willing to bet you won’t want anyone to know you were even considering signing up for Site Build It now!

The Honest Way

$100 a Page? Don’t Do It!

I just read an excellent expose over at the WhyDoWork blog about the latest craze to hit the world of Internet Marketing. It fired me up enough to write about it myself to spread the word to newcomers to this already cut-throat business.


This new scheme is being promoted by a fair few top marketers and involves paying $100 for a page on a high profile wiki site in order to promote your products or whatever else you want. The promise is that you’ll get a high profile page and lots of traffic for your money.

What happens in reality is that unless you already have an established platform from which to promote this page, you won’t get any more traffic than you would from a free blog page.

For any website, blog, Squidoo lens or whatever to succeed and make money for it’s owner – IT MUST ATTRACT TRAFFIC!

That won’t happen automatically, no matter what anyone tells you. You have to get out there and generate it yourself. That takes a lot of work if you are fairly new to the internet marketing business and don’t have already established sites with their own high traffic rates from which to promote other new sites (or in this case one very expensive page on someone else’s site).

This kind of thing is no different to all the hype that surrounds any “get rich quick” scheme, where marketers will try to sell their product to you with the promise that all you have to do is press a button and then sit back while the money falls into your lap.

People fall for this kind of rip-off every day, so it’s no surprise that some of the top money makers have latched onto this one as it also promises easy money.

If you didn’t already know, here’s a nasty wake up call:


It’s a myth. Fast, easy money does not exist. That is, unless you have already made your fortune and already own those established sites that have enormous traffic. But even then, those sites took a lot of hard work to get them where they are today.

Anybody else who tells you they are making thousands of dollars from sites they recently set up without any established site backing them up, well they are lying to you. Its your choice to either believe the lies, or open your eyes and see them for what they really are.

Cold calculated HYPE.

Many newbies see these highly profitable sites and believe that it’s easy for them to make one in a couple of days and then sit back and watch the money fall out of the sky. They don’t realise that these sites often took several years to get to where they are now, with an absolute ton of work put in initially by the owners who were once newbies themselves with little cash but a good work ethic:

The more you put into something the more you’ll get out of it.

Remember that and put it into practice and you stand a chance of succeeding with your online venture. Ignore it and get sucked into the hype and all you’ll do is spend a lot of money and have nothing to show for it in the end.

To read the eye-opening article that inspired me to write this, go to WhyDoWork

Terry Didcott