Hey, I Just Won Monika’s Competition!

Wonders will never cease to amaze me! Today has been a perfectly normal online working day for me with lots of things to write, as well as some things to get paid to write about. Then I decided to drop in on Monika’s The Writer’s Manifesto Blog as I’m often seen to do.

There was her latest a post, a video clip!

It was a few moments before it clicked exactly what the video was about and I wasn’t even going to look at it – as I initially thought it was just a cheeky way of avoiding writing a post for today! But curiosity got the better of me and I started to watch it… and blow me if her husband John didn’t pull a slip of paper out of the bag with my name on it! He held it up to the camera so there could be no mistake.

Hang on, I thought, it can’t be me – we’re JV partners and anyone else would think it was a fiddle!

No, maybe it was another Terry and he or she is sitting at home thrilled to bits at winning $100.

So I posted a cheeky comment saying as much (but I hedged my bets and thanked her and everyone else for their congrats just in case…)

…and got back to work. The subject of today’s post, in fact was going to be about my new niche website that I’ve just launched into cyberspace. It will have to wait until tomorrow now!

This one takes precedence!

Thank you Monika for running the contest, John for pulling my name out of the bag and all the other people who took part making it a resounding success for Monika and her blog and boosting her viewing figures in the process.

It’s a really great blog and if you want a good read, Monika is a really great writer who writes a heck of a lot of good stuff. So get over there and see for yourself!

…and NO, she is not paying me to write this!!!

Terry Didcott
The Honest Way

9 thoughts on “Hey, I Just Won Monika’s Competition!”

  1. Hey Monetizer, thanks!

    I’m still getting over the shock of it! Good luck with your other competitions!

    I’ll post about the new niche site tomorrow.


  2. Hey Griz, fix? Who’d think such a thing!!! hehehe – no really, they’re 12,000 miles away – unless the power of The Secret is starting to kick in…

    …wish it’d kick in with my lottery tickets… 😉

    By the way, this Askimet spam filter, which is supposed to learn from its mistakes is still flagging you as a spammer despite my telling it in no uncertain terms that you are not!

    You must have been b-a-a-a-a-a-d in a previous incarnation…

  3. Hi Monika,

    Thank you so much – and thanks again John!

    I just emailed you with a cunning stunt… or a really nice way to use the money rather than just spending it on beer…

    …hey, you mean there is a better way of using it?!?!?!?!


    Terry 😉

  4. Thanks Trent!

    I’m actually recycling the money to use as Competition prize money over at the JV blog (Blogging Web 2.0).

    I believe in giving something back from what we take – this way more people will benefit from my good luck!

    🙂 Terry

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