Dreamhost Review: A Warning

Here at the Make Money The Honest Way blog, while this is actually not a full-blown review as such, I want to write a quick note about a serious problem that several people that I know about have had with their hosting company. This has come to light due to a member of the forum here who has really been dragged through the grinder over an issue which should have been resolved easily and without fuss.

The hosting company in question is Dreamhost.

First, the reason this is NOT a Dreamhost review is because there is a perfectly well written one that I have linked to at the end of this post. Second, the title says Dreamhost Review because it made you look and it also gives more weight to the keywords in the link I have sent to the author of the review in question!

Ok, my take on hosting, if you’ve been reading this blog for a while you already know is that I have long been an advocate of hosting your sites with Hostgator. The main reasons for this are because I have been with them from my early beginnings in the online world of building websites and hosting them myself and have been extremely satisfied with their service. So much so that I even actively promote Hostgator with a small banner in the right column of this blog as well as other sites that I manage. That’s not for no good reason, and here are some of them:

  • Their customer support is fast, efficient and gets things done
  • Their servers are stable and downtime is negligible
  • They allow a variety of scripts to run
  • Their billing system is easy to use and it works every time
  • If there is ever a problem I need to know about, they email me

Ok, these are basic things that you should expect from your hosting company.

Well, it seems from the many reports I have heard plus this latest huge problem, that Dreamhost are not quite as accessible or amenable as they ought to be. The main problem arose from the customer having his main domain registered with Dreamhost as well as hosting it there. Now, from experience I have found this is not a good thing to do as happened in this case, should you want to move your domain to a different registrar, it is never straight forward and there can be problems.

This very website, thehonestway.com was initially registered through Hostgator, but I decided upon advice to move it to Godaddy as their renewals were cheaper and I was advised that it was good working practice to separate the two. Luckily for me, the process went smoothly and while it did take a few days, Hostgator did not cause me any hassle over it.

When our friend tried to do the same with Dreamhost, it was an entirely different story. I’ll let you read his own account of the problems rather than paraphrasing them here, so please visit his site and read his first hand version of the problems with Dreamhost here: Dreamhost Review

Stay safe, don’t get scammed and if you want the best in hosting, I have to recommend Hostgator above all others! If, however you are having problems with your hosting company, then you’ll need to be firm with them and don’t be afraid to use the law if you believe you are definitely in the right, in order to get things done. Above all…

Never give up!

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3 thoughts on “Dreamhost Review: A Warning”

  1. I’m sure this news will spread like wildfire around the MMO community and Dreamhost could find itself on the receiving end of a nasty shock when they get inundated with customers all wanting to leave en-masse!

  2. I too am with Hostgator after leaving GoDaddy, mainly because HG has CPanel which most people seem to use.

    Since moving my sites, which went very smoothly as I remember, I have had very few problems with Hostgator, and the few I have had have been minor, or even my own fault on occasion.

    The response to any problem has been swift and quickly resolved in each case.

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