Affiliate Promotion: Get Google Ads Free – My Review

In affiliate marketing there is nothing more powerful in terms of promotion than by writing an honest review of a product that you want to make money from. I’ve just done exactly that with an honest review of the “Get Google Ads Free” product.

If anyone’s interested in trying this for themselves, the steps are pretty straightforward. So by putting in a little effort in writing the review and some associated articles anyone can promote any affiliate product and expect to make some affiliate commissions for their trouble.

First you need an affiliate product to review and promote.

I chose one straight from Clickbank. By taking the top product from the list I got the hottest product of the moment and then wrote a review of it. The product is “Get Google Ads Free” and I published the review on a page on my Make Money site at this link:

Get Google Ads Free Review

If you want to have a look for yourself, I’ll wait… but do remember to return here after you’ve read it!

You’ll notice it’s a pretty unbiased review of “Get Google Ads Free” and gives the bad points as well as good ones. I added a couple of nice banners to liven the page up a little plus the all-important affiliate links directly to the sales page, which are cloaked to prevent affiliate link theft. You may also notice that there is no sales pitch in there, just a review and link. It relies on people’s curiosity to take them to the author’s own sales page where he can do all the selling.

Then my promotion of the review begins.

In order to drive traffic to the review page, I’ve blogged about it here and in my other blogs. I’ve written an article to be spun it out to a few article directories. That will get the page indexed quickly by the search engines as well as generate some traffic to the review page.

Then I’ve visited some of the better message boards (the ones that allow ads) and post in them.

I’ve put up some small banners in my blogs and Squidoo lenses to spread the word from my own camp.

While there are other good methods to use, like safelists and traffic exchanges, I don’t much like them as promotional methods so I’ll pass on them, but if you like them then go right ahead and use ’em! The more different ways you can spread the word there about your review page, the better.

I’ve used social networking and pinging to promote my blog posts which will get some more interested traffic.

So far, my affiliate promotion of “Get Google Ads Free” is a work in progress, so lit will be interesting to see how this works out over the next couple of weeks or so.

Terry Didcott
The Honest Way

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  1. I read today different articles about affiliate products and it sounds good when explained. Even if I was not successful with it befor. Now your post too… I begin to think some better about this job. Not convinced, but at least understanding that I was not right (read: did not work with dedication with them)

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