How to Make Money with Something for Nothing

I love post titles that get the old grey matter stirring and the inquisitive juices flowing! After my last post How Can I Make Money Online?, where I rather blatantly promoted Grizzly’s new blog I think its time to return to some honest money making information spill over!

Lots of Internet Marketers are busily beavering away on making money with the various tools, affiliate programs, products, merchandise, advertising or whatever else they use to make a buck here and there, some more than other. So everyone is keen to learn of any new promotional packages that might turn up to help them along with another stream of income. Its how we all work.

Well, here is one that I just learned about and it looks like being a good way of producing some additional income while sitting passively there in the old sidebar. And it has nothing to do with selling links or writing so-called paid reviews or anything else that might get you into trouble with Google or anyone else for that matter. Its a company called RevResponse and their main aim is to promote free subscription magazines, podcasts, webinars, white papers and the like that their affiliates – that’s me and you – are paid to promote. Its a sort of lead generation program that pays its affiliates to generate leads to these free resources.

Well, does that sound good?

Want to know what sounds even better? Well, for the month of July only, if you sign up with RevResponse and write a blog post about them, they’ll send you a bonus $50 for your trouble! The program is pretty simple to sign up with and they create a subdomain site for you to promote, ready made with all the links and blurb so you really don’t have to do anything except direct some traffic to it and hope that traffic will be interested in getting something for nothing.

Which is a great way for you to add another how to make money with something for nothing, leading back to the title of this post.

I’ve only just signed up myself and obviously this is the $50 post to raise awareness of RevResponse, so I can’t produce any earnings stats for you yet. I think its fair to let it run for a couple of months to see what is produces and if it looks good I shall spin it out to some other of my sites to see if I can’t extend its potential some.

Of course, if you haven’t already signed up for it yet and are interested I’d be most happy of you clicked my affiliate link and make me a dollar for my troubles which is here: RevResponse. If you’d prefer to rob me of a measly dollar, you can sign up with this non affiliate, direct link: RevResponse.

Here’s to your continued success!

Terry Didcott
The Honest Way

5 thoughts on “How to Make Money with Something for Nothing”

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  2. Glad to help, impnerd! I think all these new products, make money systems and the like need looking at and if they are any good, then given the thumbs up when credit is due.

  3. Hi Terry,
    I bought into this too (from Grizzly’s site), but have yet to even record a click, let alone a commission. Guess I’ll give it another week or two before I decide. I hope you have a better response factor for yours.

  4. You know your second “direct” link still has your affiliate code in it anyway, right? 😛

    Also, why are you promoting GoDaddy? They’re hardly an honest bunch, what with hidden fees and keeping domains that expire for themselves and all that.

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