Make Money Even When One Door Closes

Hi anyone who still reads this Make Money The Honest Way blog! I suppose I should write something in here before yet another month passes me by in silence, and seeing as I’m bored and started to go off reading other people’s blogs, I thought I’d better stop myself going too deep and writing comments. Better to write something in your own blog, specially as it hardly ever get written in these days!

The boredom comes from building hub pages about crap that I don’t care about but I hope someone else will and be kind enough to click something that will result in money coming my way. Lucky for me I have all these different people writing hub pages about crap that I don’t care about for me. Unlucky for me, its really just me logging in with pen-names.

That Hub Challenge was a good idea and I’m not complaining, really. Its making me some half decent extra cash each day which I wouldn’t be making if I hadn’t built all those pages about crap that I don’t care about. But the building is becoming mind-numbingly boring. I started out with all good intentions and raced away building 5 hubs a day. Ok, not as fast as some, but that’s pretty decent for me and I’m getting close to my 200th. Which is pretty amazing. I’m backing them up with a set of keyword focused mini-sites because while I like the authority of hub pages, I also like the idea of keeping more than 60% of my PPC earnings. That keeps my site building total at 5 a day, which is a decent rate and builds up pretty fast week by week.

Why am I using a bunch of pen names to write Hub Pages with? And why am I keeping the identity of my mini-sites to myself? I don’t want you lot figuring out what that crap is that I don’t care about… because you’ll all start writing about it too.

That was the problem with the Hub Challenge. Too many people also thought it was a good idea and now niches that I was researching three months ago that were little gold mines are getting molested with not just a ton of Hub Pages, but a guzillion badly spun articles on every article directory that’ll take ’em, plus unbelievably badly formed keyword sniping .info domains, ezine articles, infobarrels and just about anything else you can find to clog up Google’s index with. Of course, it won’t be long before that little gravy train gets put out to pasture because a bunch of noobs spammed it into oblivion, like every other good idea that comes along.

Speaking of which, what’s all this about eBay? They’ve gone and changed their damn rules again in yet another attempt to screw the affiliates out of more earnings. Or so it appears. I can’t be arsed with trying to figure this new change out, so I won’t even bother. Its too much thinking time to waste that could be put to better use, you know, building more mini-sites, posting blogs etc. My sites that have eBay ads (which are considerably less now that they decided I have to own the damn domain) can sit there and keep doing passively what they’ve been doing and I’m not going to fret about them. They’ve paid for themselves many times over, so if they grind to an un-glorified halt, I don’t care. I’ll just find something else to sell on them. Plenty of affiliate stuff out there besides eBay that would be glad of the traffic and the extra sales. What do eBay care if they lose my little bit of traffic and my few sales each month? I bet they’d care if they lost a thousand like me. Whatever.

When one source of income goes down, the trick is to keep finding new sources. I learned that one when I first started in this game and lost an important revenue source through my own noob stupidity. Nearly 3 year on and I’ve learned a thing or twenty. There are lots of baskets to keep your eggs in, so use them all. Then if one gets knocked over, you have the rest to keep the euros coming in while you find a replacement for the dead one.

What is the one thing you should remember above all else if you want to succeed in this game?

Never give up!

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8 thoughts on “Make Money Even When One Door Closes”

  1. Hey Tel,
    It is too bad that every time a good idea comes along it gets spammed to death but I guess that is how it goes.
    This is a tough business and one you have to keep on top of if you want to succeed. And you are right, never give up.
    I wonder how long it will be before the Hubs aren’t worth much anymore. Some of mine are still ranking well so I guess Big G likes them for now.
    Take care, I look for another post in a month or so. LOL

  2. Cheers Agrande, I’m sure something will happen and Hubs will decline under the weight of so many new, badly written pages being created by people who don’t know what they’re doing.

    But there will always be an opportunity to make money online, its just a case of sniffing it out before the mob comes in and kills it (or Vic, Griz or Court go shouting about it from their rooftops!)

  3. Hey Trent, I don’t do much writing in here these days as there’s too much to do elsewhere that makes money and this one doesn’t make enough to warrant regular posting. I think just about everything that can be said about how to make money has already been said in any case!

  4. Well Terry you certainly seem bummed out or maybe just bored when you wrote this. Maybe its time you have yourself a full time writer that can cut out all the time consuming stuff.

  5. Ha, then it wouldn’t be me doing it! I suppose I should stop reading splork’s begrudges it might be rubbing off LOL!

  6. Yeah, I think it is getting harder and harder these days as more people get into it…of course that makes me extremely glad I started most of my sites years ago instead of two months ago, lol.

  7. Always good to have a head start these days, as two year old sites are the ones making money now, which they grew into gradually. Best way to go…

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