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The Honest Way Blog has been in existence for several months now and in that time I’ve made a lot of blogging friends online through social networking sites and also through the many forums I am a member of.

It has forged some great links, which brings me to the main subject of this post.


A while ago, I heard about a positive movement amongst bloggers called “do follow”. This came about because blogs were all subject to their originator’s (ie WordPress, Blogger etc) idea that all links generated in comments should be forcibly made to be “nofollow” in order to curtail spammers obtaining backlinks to their sites. Bloggers found this regime stifling to genuine bloggers who became reluctant to leave comments that didn’t provide a small thank you by way of a free back-link.

The “Do Follow” plugin was created to cancel this internal coding out so that bloggers leaving a comment would now receive a genuine backlink from the blog for their trouble. This has encouraged comments greatly on blogs which publicly “do follow”.

That can only be good for blogging communities, because when someone comments on a blog post, the owner will usually respond (if they are enthusiastic bloggers themselves) and others will often chip in to the conversation too. This creates a community spirit on a blog which is healthy and good for bloggers’ reputations and their blogs popularity.

There are still a lot of bloggers out there that haven’t do-followed yet. Most are probably unaware of the benefits or even the existence of “do follow”. Some might be worried that they will become overrun by spammers. Well, don’t be. Use moderation and spammers comments will never see the light of day or be followed by search engine spiders unless you approve them. Which no one is likely to do. There are also excellent spam filtering programs that catch them for you, like Askimet for WordPress blogs.

So spammers lose!

The sad thing is that some bloggers still cling to the idea that by giving free links away to other blogs, it will somehow count negatively to their page rank.

That is not the case.

The positive benefits of giving away links are far and away more likely to improve your page rank than anything else, because the Google algorithm favours sites with lots of unique content – remember that? Well, comments count towards that tally of content, so the more (relevant) comments you attract by your posts, the more content you have on your site!

And you’ll only get that by visiting other blogs and commenting and making friends with their owners, because then you’ll not only be inviting them to come over to your blog, but you’re comments (if they’re well written and relevant) will be read by other visitors to those blogs who will also be interested to come to your blog!

It’s almost a viral traffic building technique in itself.

Do you now think it’s worth it to give a little with free links to commenters?

Terry Didcott
The Honest Way

4 thoughts on “Blogging Links”

  1. I agree with you, Terry. I’m a do-follow supporter. the only problem is that my freely hosted WP blog doesn’t allow me to turn nofollow off. And I’m still to release my self-hosted WP blogs. Those ones certainly will have do-follow plugins installed. 😉

  2. That’s a shame – I would have thought even a free hosted WP blog could use plugins, but it seems they are very restrictive.

    Blogger is much better as a freebie as it gives you much more scope – I still have quite a few free blogs set up over there and they allow ads and all sorts.

    But self hosted is definitely best – total control of what you do with them!

    Terry 🙂

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