Where’d He Go?

I can’t believe Christmas just came and went and now its almost New Years eve and I haven’t posted anything in The Honest Way blog since the 24th!

My profoundest apologies but there has been so much going on lately that I have had to spread myself pretty thinly between established blogs, new blogs and websites and my new hobby of buying pre-owned domains and setting them up into working websites.

That last is what has really kept me busy as it is very time consuming setting up new sites and playing around with them to get them into a semblance of order so that people will actually want to visit them!

They’re all slotting into different niches, as far away from the crazy overloaded competition of the make money niche as I can possible get them. That’s to give myself a fighting chance to make money from the niche affiliate side of things – trust me there is more money to be made in the niches than in make money! If that doesn’t sound like a contradiction in terms!

So for now, there will be slightly fewer posts in here, unless of course I trip over some ground breaking news or great money making technique that you’ll benefit from hearing about honestly in the place that tells it as it is!

Happy New Year to everyone and may 2008 be the year that you hit your first million!

Terry Didcott
The Honest Way

5 thoughts on “Where’d He Go?”

  1. Hi Monika!

    I’ve already got my One Million Dollar “cheque” from the Bank of the Universe stuck up on the wall behind my monitor so I see it every day.

    I’m just focusing on “your wish is my command” and working with all the new tools I’ve got to make that a reality!

    Terry 🙂

  2. Dear Terry, i hope all we can reach that million this year. Wish it to you and to everybody.

    Some days ago read one very intelligent blog about affiliate programs and other directories of internet work. Sounds good, if you have patience and organize the work in right maner…

    But they speak about “buy clicks” to have thousands visitors a day.
    Intelligent business plan.Mmmm…

  3. Thanks Liudmila,

    The buy clicks to make money is not much use unless you have a website that can sell whatever it displays. It also costs thousands of dollars to buy traffic like this, so unless you have a large budget it’s not worth even thinking about.

    There are links in my previous posts to Grizzly’s blog and also Vic Franqui’s Blogger Unleashed.

    These two blogs will teach you more about how to make money online than all the rest put together (including this one!)


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