How Did This Site Come About?

There’s an interesting but thankfully short story behind the creation of The Honest Way.

It all came about thanks to the inspiration gleaned from one Steven Wagenheim, a respected online entrepeneur and stalwart of top forums like Warriors and Whydowork as well as a long term MPAM member.

He had already released a short series of informational articles to the MPAM forum for the benefit of its members and these were an absolute mine of online marketing and promotional inspiration.

Before reading these articles, I’d been hooked on the idea presented by SEO 20/20’s “The Plan” which involved setting up a series of websites over a fairly gradual length of time and promoting them using unique articles submitted to article directories as well as posted on each site.

I’d already set up my first site at Hypnosis with Music CDs to sell hypnosis self-help CDs and provide informational articles about hypnosis. The idea was to use adsense as a monetising addition, but fell foul of their “invalid clicks” rule and got banned. So I needed another source of revenue.

Steven’s articles paved the way to increase traffic to that site, but more importantly showed me how best to set up a second site (then a third… etc) and market it to produce an alternative income stream. After all, I knew from MPAM that the way to earn a decent income online I’d need multiple income streams.

But the kick up the backside came when Steven released My Secret Articles. I knew I needed to promote that package and it told me exactly how to do it, so I knew I had to set up a new site to promote it – and fast. I already had the basic layout for The Honest Way, so I just needed hosting and to write some articles to go with it.

Here is teh result as you see it now. There are a total of 9 articles as I write this, a forum which is strating to grow with new members joining daily and finally this blog.

So keep looking in, I aim to keep it updated regularly as well as keep posting in the forum. My next site is on the drawing board and should be released soon – I’ll announce that here too.

See you soon,

Terry Didcott