…and Now For The News!

Here’s a great idea that I just came across for adding that extra bit of interest to your blog. How about an up to the minute news feed video! There is more to this added dimension to your blog as I’ll explain after you’ve watched this:…!

Embedding one of these into your blog can also help to pay your way – yep, you can make money from these news videos.


Well, you can simply click the “mash” button on the video frame to copy the code for insertion into your blog, or go to The News Room and sign-up for free to get access to everything they’ve got.

The system is fully legal so blog owners don’t have to worry about copyright or broadcast license issues.

You make money from visitors to your blog watching the news clips on a CPM (cost per thousand) basis. At the moment they pay by cheque but they are looking to include PayPal as well in the near future, which is much more convenient for world wide bloggers.

The have categories to cover most niche blogs, so there should be something for just about everyone. So if you think it might enhance your blog, get over there and sign up!

Terry Didcott

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