Will You Use This Information to Make Money?

I just read an in-depth article over at Grizzly‘s blog to How to Make Money Online for Beginners, that goes into the reasons for and why in order to make money you should SEO your site or blog for the search engines, most particularly Google. If you’re not making the kind of money that you think you should be with your blog, go over and read the article – you’ll be glad you did.

To add my own snippet of wisdom to that great article here at The Honest Way, I want to post the question as per my title, “Will you use this information to make money?”

I’d be willing to bet good money that the vast majority of people who read that article will go away with a real buzz and a head full of great ideas and ways to vastly improve their own blogs to extensively increase their make money factor. They may even sit down and get ready to draught their next blog post with a view to using some of that valuable information.

But for most of them, that’s as far as it’ll get.

I’m not saying that the astute make money oriented blogger is going to pass up this valuable chance to make money in greater amounts from his or her efforts, but when it comes down to the nitty gritty of spending the extra time writing and keeping in mind all the tricks they just learned, they will likely as not slip back into their natural way of working and most of the make money techniques will be missed out.

Of course that’s the small percentage of readers who even get that far. For most, it will have been an interesting read and something to put onto their “To Do” list for next year and it will never get done.


Because it’s too much like hard work for most people. The facts stand out for themselves in the glaringly earth shattering statistic that 95% of all internet marketers will fail. Period.

That’s no idle figure plucked from the sky, that’s the real statistic. The reason so many fail is largely down to the fact that when people get into the business of trying to make money online, they do it because they saw an ad somewhere that promised them they’d make a fortune by pressing a button and sitting back to wait for the suitcases full of dollars to roll up to their front door on a truck!

When the harsh reality hits home that it actually doesn’t work like that and only hard work, long hours and a creative mind will get them anything, they turn their back on it and go on to try something else. Only a very small percentage of the remaining 5% actually make anything more than a few dollars pocket money online, which bears out (no pun intended, Grizz) my statement that most people will not use the information they’ve been given for free and put it to good use, because it is a lot of work.

So for the tiny percentage left, that means rich pickings with valuable information that can and will be used to vastly improve our ability to make money in the niches we have chosen to target using the highly profitable keywords we have spent our valuable time researching.

When you’re like me and you get to the end of yet another 14-16 hour day spent in front of the PC and wonder where most of it went – now you know. Research, learning and information gathering take up a helluva lot of time. Then there’s the site building and all the little bits and pieces that come with it that all add up to a lot of hours that have to be spent day in and day out to achieve the desired outcome. Then and only then can you set into motion the promotion machine that will take up yet more time and effort to push your hard work into the public online arena so you can make money from all your efforts.

So who said internet marketing was easy?

Ha! It’s just very satisfying when it works.

Terry Didcott
The Honest Way

3 thoughts on “Will You Use This Information to Make Money?”

  1. Hey Tel!

    I ‘StumbledUpon’ this page, first time I’ve landed on a page of somebody I ‘know’. Cool eh? Thanks for the heads up on Griz’s blog, I will print it off and look at it next year 😉


  2. Hi Rich,

    Glad you found me! And yep, Grizz’s blog is an absolute mine of truly useful information!

    It’s quality stuff so it’ll probably still be relevant next year hehe…


  3. Hey… next year is only a month and a bit away – don’t rush yourself Rich! Ha.

    Thanks for the mention Terry – a gentleman as usual.

    oh and thanks for the long comment you left me to get through while I was having my morning coffee – didn’t need the toothpicks though!


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