Squidoo Just Gets Better!

I’ve written about the benefits of Squidoo many times in my various blogs as well as over at the JV site I co-author with Monika (Blogging Web 2.0). But there is one minor benefit that I haven’t mentioned yet, simply because it had not affected me until today.

That is the fact that Squidoo pools all the money it makes from the many thousands of lensmasters’ efforts from generating the traffic that brings income from pay per click ads, as well as royalties from other sources. Each lensmaster is periodically rewarded with a proportionate amount from that pool, which goes into their own account as a positive monetary balance. One the lensmaster’s balance has reached a certain threshold (currently $10), then that money is transferred into your PayPal account.

As I am still building my business online, every little helps to build my own personal income streams – as many as possible, because I firmly believe that generating multiple income streams is one sure way of achieving a strong, reliable income from my online business.

The reason for this post, then is not just to highlight this small additional benefit of hosting a lens on Squidoo, but to let you in on the fact that I just made my first payday from Squidoo for the princely sum of $12.16!

Ok, I won’t be visiting the Mercedes dealership just yet, but it’s a start in the right direction from yet another income stream.

The beauty of this little income stream is that it is dependent on how many lenses you host and how highly they are rated. Their internal Squidoo rating is attributed to a lens due to the hard work put in by the lensmaster in keeping them fresh and continually updated with new, original content as well as attracting traffic to them from various sources.

As I now host quite a good sized family of lenses on different topics, my royalties earned from each one is combined to give a final figure for each accounting period. So the more active you are withing Squidoo, the greater your earning potential becomes!

Unless you are one of the few lensmasters who authors large numbers of lenses, you still won’t make a fortune from this, but as I already said, every little helps!

So if you haven’t already signed up for free and started creating your own lenses, why not get started straight away – it’s as easy as anything to squidoo!

Terry Didcott
The Honest Way

9 thoughts on “Squidoo Just Gets Better!”

  1. Thank you for remembering me about it. But I was maybe not very attentive to read how it works. I’m looking for online business too but am a little not very prepared for all this programs. Too slowly. Now I have to sign up there…

  2. Good point Terry. I should have mentioned it in some of my posts re: Squidoo but it slipped my mind… probably because I haven’t seen a dime yet. It would seem you are kicking my butt as a “Squidooer”. Glad to know that they do pay out though.



    BTW, thanks for the link. Much appreciated.

  3. Hi Liudmila, Squidoo is actually very easy to use, as is creating a lens. It’s all modular, so you start with your empty lens and simply add modules to it, each of which you populate with whatever content is relevant to your intended subject.


  4. Hey Grizzly,

    For some strange reason, Askimet keeps flagging your comments as spam, which is why it only just got released and looks out of sync!

    I’ll try to figure out why – anyway, thanks for the comment – I’ve worked pretty hard at Squidoo with 17 lenses to date although they didn’t all make money, only my 11 oldest ones!

    It seems the newer lenses take time before they start to earn anything, so there is hope yet!


  5. Very nice post.

    I’m still wondering which options initially are the “magic bullet” to getting your site listed by Google.

    Making a List
    Making Money
    Doing your own thing

    Especially after the Google Slap in July on Squidoo.

    Anyway, I’m addicted to Squidoo also and if you don’t mind, I’d like to pimp my new Squidoo Package: (link removed).

    Thanks and good luck to us all!


  6. Hi Vivevtvivas,

    Thanks for your comment – Squidoo can become quite addictive as you say!

    PS: I “do follow”, so there’s no need to place an additional link to your site in the comment body as you already get a backlink from the one you entered in the URL box.

    Plus I don’t like to see links in the body of a comment as it looks spammy.


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