An Honest Change of Appearance

How about this for a change of style?

When you’ve finished scratching your head wondering โ€œwhat change of style,โ€ you might notice that while I needed to make some changes to the layout of this blog, I actually liked the original template and didn’t really want to swap it for a new one.

So what I did was made a compromise.

I kept the original template and did what I’m good at doing and that’s tinkering with CSS! I widened the main display area by a hundred pixels and then created a second sidebar. That has increased the space I now have available for any textual advertising I might pick up and even perhaps some banners which I can display near the top of the page.

I liked the colour scheme, so didn’t mess about with it any more, although the grey border has gone. I also updated the header graphic. I needed to stretch it without stretching the text or it would look like I just stretched the whole banner, which is cheating and looks amateurish. So it was back to my trusty Fireworks to re-jiggle the original and make everything fit the new wider canvass.

It keeps the same feel as before with a more modern three column display, so anyone who hasn’t visited for a while will still recognise the place!

I hope you like it.

Terry Didcott
The Honest Way

2 thoughts on “An Honest Change of Appearance”

  1. Hi Monika,

    Thanks – it wasn’t all that much work either. In fact I think it was probably easier than changing to a new ready made template then having to move all of the bits and pieces over so that everything still worked – like it did when I changed my Make Money Blog the other week – that was a nightmare!

    Anyway, glad you like it!


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