What Happened to the Reviews?

Regular visitors to this blog, The Honest Way, may have noticed that after the surge in paid reviews that appeared for a few weeks, they seem to have suddenly stopped. What happened to them?

Well, following the page rank changes a month ago now, this and my two of my other blogs, Make Money and Make Money Blog, all got a PR3. That meant they were eligible to accept many more better paid reviews from the various sites that provide them. The initial problem was that only this blog had been accepted by the paid review sites as the other two needed to be at least three months old before they could be accepted.

They achieved that status about a week or two later. That meant that at first, this blog was the only one I had to take advantage of the higher paid reviews, so I did just that, for which I make no apology – I’ve been working hard building this whole website/blog/forum up for several months now and not getting paid for all my hard work, so it seemed only fair that I take advantage and reap from the harvest I’d sown.

However, once my other two blogs were accepted by the paid review sites, there was no longer any need to be filling this, my main and most popular blog, with any more paid reviews because the other two can quite happily cope with taking the load. After all, that is exactly what I created them for in the first place – to make money!

That doesn’t mean I won’t be writing any more reviews in this blog. It does mean that I’ll be picking and choosing very carefully what I write about in here from now on, especially as Google are systematically slapping down blogs that contain paid reviews. So any future reviews will have to be Google friendly.

That means that I shall continue to promote this website and its forum and blog to attract ever more visitors (we’re currently averaging 450 a day) so that we become attractive to advertisers that want to be seen by lots of people rather than just to pay for a back-link, which is exactly the practise that Google are trying to stamp out.

So what does this all mean for me, the reader?

It means that I’ll be concentrating on writing good, informative, interesting and valuable articles in here once again – just like I always did, actually. So I hope you’ll all enjoy my writings enough to want to keep coming back for more – and tell your friends about this blog!

If you really like what I’m doing in here, I don’t mind if you want to link to me either – but you have to keep Google happy and do it for free just because you love my blog!

Terry Didcott
The Honest Way

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