Where Did That Widget Go?

You might be wondering where that annoyingly slow to load up widget from WidgetBucks went from my sidebar.

Well, I got so fed up with it halting my browser window as I scrolled down to it so that it could load up, that I took it off! It wasn’t the best advertising skyscraper block for my sidebar here anyway, as there wasn’t anything truly relevant to this site to advertise. Well, I suppose PCs and PDAs might be loosely associated with the business of running an online make money blog, but for all that I didn’t actually make a single penny with it for the few weeks it spent clogging up my page.

If it annoyed me, how much would it have annoyed my readers? I had to think of you as well, so in the best interests of everybody, the widget had to go!

Now if I could find a decent money making replacement…

Terry Didcott
The Honest Way