Available to Blog? I Am!

This is probably a little cheeky, but when it’s done with a smile I’m sure I can get away with it!

My previous post on content was probably missing on a couple of points that I can add here.

I’m a busy blogger, as anyone who has got to know me by now can surely tell. Which is a good thing in that it means I’m writing on a regular basis for several of my own blogs as well as the JV blog I’m running in conjunction with Monika at Blogging Web 2.0.

Well, as a busy blogger myself, I’m also a busy reader of other people’s blogs. I do this because I like to read what other people are writing about – and there are some wonderful yet criminally underrated blogs out there to read. There are also some blogs that are high ranking yet lack lustre, as well as every shade of the spectrum in between.

Then something screamed at me as a glaring need that I can fill.

Some bloggers, for whatever reasons, start to neglect their blogs or the quality of their posts goes downhill. The enthusiasm seems to have gone from the writing and this is something that can kill a blog very quickly unless something is done in short order to breathe new life back into it.

This can be critical if the blog is a good source of income for its owner.

The solution is in hiring a good writer to fill the gap. To breathe that new vibrancy and enthusiasm back into the posts and to give the blog a leg-up.

Well, if this is you, I can help. I am offering my expert services as a writer on many different themes to give your blog a lift, inject some excitement and new blood into it.

But don’t all rush at once, as I don’t come cheap. I’ve created a separate page with a tariff for my freelance blogging services. You can find it HERE, or in the navigation bar at the top of this page.

Well, you can’t blame a bloke for trying!

Terry Didcott
The Honest Way

11 thoughts on “Available to Blog? I Am!”

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