Link Love The Honest Way #2

Its the time of the week to spread some more link love around the blogosphere to people in my circle that I count as friends, colleagues and fellow workaholics!

First up is Trent, who’s been around in this business for many years and is very successful. His blog, Biz Tips Blog – Home Business Tips and it’s parent website have got a ton of great work from home business ideas and tips as well as links to some well recommended and scam-free products and services.

Next is Monika, who writes a fantastic blog at The Writers Manifesto and keeps it chock full of interesting posts regarding how to make money from your blog and writing, which tend to go hand in hand! She’s been a good friend for a long time now and we’ve both been helping each other to push our way to success.

Finally for today is Shezz, who’s currently having a whale of a time up in Darwin (NT, Oz) with her family taking 3 months out to chill. When she gets back to Adelaide, it’ll be business as usual, I’m sure. Her blog can be found at Stay Home Mum.

That’s all for today. More link love next week!

Terry Didcott

One thought on “Link Love The Honest Way #2”

  1. Thanks Terry,

    I am a work-a-holic by birth I think. Seems that the day hasn’t got enough hours to do what I want to.

    I’m dabbling with this new template for another blog. Yeah, I know I must be mad. Found this great domain and couldn’t resist.

    Monika 😉

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