Link Love The Honest Way #3

It’s time to give out some link love to bloggers who have taken time to come visit and leave some comments for me. This is a cool idea I got from seeing some other bloggers who are in the “do-follow” club doing the same, as it spreads some links around and tells the search engines that they can take note of the blogs they don’t rate much – because we are worth it!

So first up to Monika, my JV partner in Australia who runs a brilliant blog called The Writers Manifesto – if you haven’t been over there yet, you really should as Monika is a top class writer and there is an absolute ton of information to be had there!

Next is my friend Liudmila who runs several blogs on different topics. Her Diary is extremely interesting as it focuses on topics that are not run of the mill, but fascinating to read.

Next up is someone I’ve known for a while now from the WhyDoWork forum, but only recently bumped into again on MyBlogLog is Grizzly Brears – his blog How To Make Money Online for Beginners is a wealth of information to help newbies getting started into the internet marketing business.

That’s all for this instalment.

I’ll be repeating this link love thing again and often, helping out different bloggers as I go. That’s because I think we bloggers need all the help we can get and if we help each other then we’ll all stand a better chance of success in this often chaotic but nevertheless endearing business we are all in together!

Terry Didcott
The Honest Way

4 thoughts on “Link Love The Honest Way #3”

  1. Hey Terry my friend,

    Thank you for your kind words. I reckon my hand will fall off soon from all the writing i have done this week. Must be close to 10,000 words and the work hasn’t stopped. 🙂

    Plus yesterday when I checked we were on page two of Google with a blog that is barely 1 month young. Wooohooo…..roll out the carpet lads. LOL


  2. Grizzly, Monika and Liudmila,

    You are all very welcome – I’m happy to help in any way I can. This is a lovely way of giving something back to the blogging community in general and my friends in particular!


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