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As bloggers, we all need to help one another get a leg up the long ladder of the search engine behemoth that drives the internet. We have some great communities in MyBlogLog, BlogCatalog, Fuelmyblog etc and often visit each other’s blogs to get ideas, tips and of course to enjoy a good read! So what better way to further the lot of bloggers in our own community circles than to spread a little link love to our friends every now and again.

This is a great idea I’ve decided to copy from my good friend Monika, author of The Writers Manifesto. She has been a solid regular supporter of my forum since its inception and we’ve both help each other out on lots of issues whilst building our respective websites. Monika is a fantastic writer and her blog really is worth going over to visit as there is always something interesting and new to read there. She recently successfully completed a “Write 100 Articles in 30” Days challenge, so that gives you some idea of her incredible output!

Another good friend is Tammy who is the author of Articles Plus, a great blog aimed at work at home people with something for everyone. Tammy also hosts her own forum at Real WAH Jobs Forum which is a great place to meet new people and find out about genuine work at home jobs.

Someone I’ve known since my re-entry into the online world last year is Dena, who was one of the first people I met at the WhyDoWork forum. Back then she pointed me to her blog Making Money on Internet for Beginners which helped me get back into the world of internet marketing last year after an absence of many years. It pointed me in the right direction and helped me a lot then and it is still a very good mine of information for anyone new to this business.

Well, that’s all for this first post of Link Love The Honest Way. I’ll be doing this on a regular basis letting everyone know that it’s ok to give out back-links without penalty from the search engines. It’s a nice way of giving something back to friends and acquaintances and people who have helped me by spreading the good word around in my own small slice of the blogosphere!

Terry Didcott

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7 thoughts on “Link Love The Honest Way”

  1. Thank you Terry for your lovely post and your link love. It kind of feels like being a community worker (you know, giving something back for nothing) I also liked your little statement at the end. 😉


  2. Hi Terry!!
    I saw some traffic to my blog from this site and I stopped by to see exactly whose site this is. Nice surprise.
    Good to see you here and thanks for the link.
    BEST of luck with all your online stuff.
    I’m not online enough these days but I’ll try to remember to reciprocate when I am…. 🙂

  3. Thanks Monika,

    It is nice to give a little back! That comment at the end was supposed to stop spammers etc, but you wouldn’t believe the nerve of these people – they still try it on but in greater numbers. I activated Askimet which stops most of them.

    Thanks Dena. Nice surprises are really great, aren’t they! I’m really glad you got some traffic too from this wonderful idea.

    – Terry

  4. Dena your site has the most annoying popup, it kept coming back no matter how many times I closed it, so I immediately closed your site. Hit me up at my site if this isn’t supposed to be there, or I may have found my next rant topic.
    (Using Firefox)

  5. I found the same thing – I’m not a lover of pop-ups and find they probably cost a site more visitors than they generate sales – in fact I’m prone to close a site that annoys me with pop-ups too!

    – Terry

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