Valuable One-Way Links

The importance of being linked to from other sites and blogs is probably already common knowledge amongst website and blog owners.

More inbound links means a better PR from those nice people at Google.

But it’s the quality of those inbound links that is the really important part. Obtaining them isn’t hard, but most people want a reciprocal link back to their site, si the value of your inbound link is not so great. Better if the link is what is known as One-Way. That means you don’t link back to the originating site and the value of that inbound link is much greater from Google’s aspect. Even better if that one-way inbound link comes from a high PR site.

Unfortunately, one-way inbound links from high PR site are as rare as hens teeth unless you’re willing to pay for them – and it can cost a pretty penny!

Until now, that is.

I know of a great site that will give you one-way inbound links from high PR sites for free.

I’ll say that again.

I know of a great site that will give you one-way inbound links from high PR sites for free. And I’m going to share it with you, because I’m such a nice guy! There is no catch. You just opt-in to their email list (like everything else these days) and they accept you as a member for free.

Then you have access to a long list of sites that will give you a free one-way inbound link – all you have to do is go to the sites and fill in their forms. Ok, it’s time consuming – nothing in this world is truly free in the sense that you don’t get something for nothing. But in this case, the “something” will only cost you some time, not money.

So that has to be a good thing, right?

Here is the link and yes, it’s an affiliate link. Why? Because you need to refer just three people to their site and they give you additional free access to more and higher PR sites that give you one-way back-links, which is what I want and what you’ll want too. So click the link and sign-up and thank me for putting you on to it later when you get your ton of free one-way back-links!

You can CLICK HERE to go to the site and start building your chance of a better PR.

Terry Didcott