How Can I Make Money Online?

Now there’s a commonly asked question! Following my last post here that concentrated on The Google Dance, it would seem at first glance to be an extremely steep uphill struggle, unless you’ve been around a while and actually know what you’re doing.

Well, the vast majority of newbie hopefuls just don’t have the experience or haven’t yet found the truly honest blogs or websites that are going to let them in on the information they’ll need to actually make money online. What is worse is that Mr Noob (or Mrs/Miss/Ms Noob for that matter – but for the sake of making this article readable, I’ll just stick to Mr) will most likely type in that well worn phrase, “How can I make money online” into the Google search box and up will come a confusing and bedazzling array of millions of related website pages that are all vying with each other to be the one to tell him!

So who does Mr Noob believe?

The first result would seem to be the best one as it is the top of the list, or so any newcomer to the world of Internet Marketing would logically assume. Well its a sad fact that the odds are stcked heavily against Mr Noob getting the honest advice and information from the first site he visits. Or the second or third or all the way down until he’s so sick of being told by smarmy, slick scam artists that he can make money hand over fist by simply pressing a button and sitting back as the hundred dollar bills rain on him from out of the sky. And all it will cost him is $97!

Then he reads his $97 investment and six months down the line he’s still broke, or worse as more sharks take their bites out of his credit card for their worthless eBooks along the way. Then its back to stacking shelves at the local supermarket to pay back his credit card debts.

Well, Mr Noob shouldn’t be too surprised to hear he is one of 95% of all Internet Marketers who fall bay the wayside. Not for lack of intelligence, eagerness, willingness to work or any other commendable qualities. No, most failed Internet Marketers, those who failed to make money online were most likely the ones with all the right qualities necessary to succeed.

But they all failed for lack of one of the most valuable commodities any budding Internet Marketer must have. What is this veritable golden chalice of potential success?

Honest Information.

The fact is that most Internet Marketers that do make money online, make it by selling stuff to other people. Some sell a wide variety of merchandise online and are completely legitimate and do very well for themselves. Others have gained specialised knowledge about SEO and make their money from getting high traffic to their sites from the search engines and reaping the income from on site advertising. Still others run websites that promote the movement of money between countries, so perhaps someones wants to send money from Japan for instance, they can do that easily and make the marketer a small commission for his trouble.

Unfortunately there are yet others who are are pure, out and out scam artists that prey on newcomers to the make money online niche and make money by selling their worthless, recycled, tried and tested and known to fail garbage to the likes of Mr Noob. This happens because the Mr Noobs of this world are plentiful and easy pickings, mainly because they find the scammers before they find the honest people who will help them by telling them the truth about how to make money online.

Well one such honest guy is Grizzly Brears.

If you find him first before the scammers and follow his honest, down to earth and no nonsense advice, you stand a chance of joining the 5% of Internet Marketers who succeed.

So where can you find this Mr Brears?

Well, he has one or two informative blogs floating around the system, one of which does sit on the first page for several make money online terms in Google’s index. But the purpose of this post is to direct your attention to a new blog he has just launched, because it is designed to act as his new centre-piece font of knowledge from which will spring forth more valuable gems of honest information on how to make money online than just about anywhere else you’re likely to find online.

Have I whet your whistle, tempted your tastebuds and stoked your fires of curiosity enough? Well here is where you can find Grizzly’s new blog:

Make Money Online with Grizzly

Follow that link and be prepared to learn, earn and turn your fortunes around right now!

You’ll be glad you did.

Terry Didcott
The Honest Way

17 thoughts on “How Can I Make Money Online?”

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  3. Wow, thanks for sharing this cool information about Griz’s new blog and how to make money online! I enjoyed reading your blog!


  4. Hello Sidnee. That’s very nice of you to say so, but as your comment was totally nada, I hope you don’t mind me editing it a little on the how to make money online front.

  5. Interesting informative blog you have here. I got here from Griz’s blog and have kind of been going in circles. Newbie on the loose without a clue. A Prime target for bad guys, except for the fact I know they’re looking for me, so I’m on the lookout for them too. He he!

  6. Hi Sonni,

    Glad you found me. I’ve been working pretty much to Griz’s formula for several months now and see good results from it. There’s a lot of good information here that I give out freely just to poke one in the eye of all the scam artists out there that are trying to sell the exact same stuff to newbies!

    Do check out the forum, there’s even more useful info and discussion going on in there!


  7. Ah… where you can find the word of truth or a waluable word online? About making money I mean. It’s the same as look for a good seed among the mountain of bad.

  8. Hi Liudmila,

    I know its a minefield of lies and scams out there – its just good that at least a few of us are trying to give out as much truthful info as we can about how to make money online to help those that find us from being conned or scammed.


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    I’d love to get your feedback.

  10. That’s a link to Yuwie and its no better than mylot was when it hit the scene.

    You get paid peanuts for a lot of work. Not worth the effort.

    And I don’t appreciate affiliate links in comments in my blogs which is why I removed it. You’re lucky I didn’t just spam this comment – except I wanted to make everyone else aware of it so they don’t get sucked into a pile of crap.

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  13. I am sure others will agree, you are doing a great job. If you ever launch your own product, I will be the first one to buy. As you know what you are doing.

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