How to Make Money Online With Action

A slight apology to everyone for leaving it so long since my last post How to Make Money with Keywords. I’ve been very busy putting together my little army of sites and blogs and it takes up all my time, which is ok as I’m building a small empire that will eventually make enough money to allow me to slow down a bit!

I’ve just been over at Griz’s blog, you know the one that tells you how to make money online, and read through another brace of comments (sometimes they’re almost as entertaining as the post itself – only kiddin’!) and right at the bottom, an anonymous reader posted the question “Do you have any books to recommend?”

Well here’s my own answer to that!

Anonymous, why do you want more to read? Everything you need to know about how to make money online is right there in that blog.

The rest you’ll get with experience – the experience of doing!

I, like just about everyone else, started out reading a load of stuff and most of it was bullshit. If I counted up all the hours wasted reading all that bullshit that could have been better spent in actually doing what they were telling me, I’d be far more advanced today than I am.

Getting past the hurdle of wanting to do it and actually doing it can be tough and most people simply don’t go past that point. They continue to read every post that every knowledgeable (and plenty of not so knowledgeable) people write and then wait patiently for the next post that is going to reveal “The Big Secret”.

But that post will never come.

That’s because it doesn’t exist. The big secret to making a success of this (and any other) business lies within each and every person. They have to make the breakthrough themselves, because no one else can do it for them.

I’ll be blunt and say most of the commenters in Griz’s blog are readers, not doers.

Why do I say that? Because they’re still there, asking the same old questions just re-phrased a bit.

Then you’ll see them over at Vic’s blog asking the same rephrased questions. Then they’ll turn up someplace else. They’ll never do anything with the information, but they’ll keep on believing that if they ask enough questions, they’ll eventually find their holy grail and then figure out how to make money online.

They’ll also be the first ones to get upset by reading this apparent tirade, because they won’t believe the truth about themselves. Nobody like the truth when it hurts!

The truth is that 95% of everybody that sets out to make money online will fail. That’s a big number but also a truthful one. You got to ask yourself, do you want to keep reading and asking questions and join the 95%’ers? Or do you want to take a chance and join the 5%’ers who are the ones spending their time doing this stuff?

Ok, that’s pretty a pretty tough cookie to swallow, but its also a good wake up call to those people who really do want to make money blogging online. It’s in the doing stage that results start to show up. Believe me, they take a while to show up when you do things as legitimately as possible, maybe with a few shortcuts and underhand tricks, but Internet Marketing is a hare and tortoise race. The hares go for it with all guns blazing and in some cases will make some good money before being shot down by the search engines that soon see through their shenanigans.

The tortoises are the ones who take it slow and steady, building up their sites naturally and gathering links over time. Sure, it takes a lot of time and you need a lot of patience because when you’re learning how to make money online, results are a long time coming, but they will come and when they do they’ll keep on coming because you won’t have burned out too fast, like the hares in the race.

You see the secret to making money online is no big secret!

Its all about getting people to see what you’re offering. Get enough people to window shop at your store and some of them will come in and buy from you. Selling stuff is a numbers game. It always was and it always will be. Doesn’t matter what you’re selling, be it affiliate products, your own ebooks or software packages, advertising space, or PPC. You absolutely positively must get people to see your goods. And to do that you need traffic. Not any old traffic, but organic search traffic – people who will find your website or blog by typing in a phrase at Google and your site coming up on the front page of the search results.

Enough has been said about why attracting organic search traffic is essential to the success of your business. Go re-read Griz’s blog in the link I gave you at the start of this post. He explains it much better than anyone else I know.

What I will tell you is that to attract that search traffic you need to do plenty of work and have lots of patience to get your site up there onto the front page of the keywords you’re working. You need to not only optimize your site, but you need lots of strong anchored links to give your site the authority to deserve its place on page one. That’s because all the other sites that are on page one have that authority and you’re going to have to come along and get more authority than at least one of them in order to displace them. You might have a fight on your hands, because no one is going to like a young upstart coming along and nosing their site out of its cosy place. They’ll likely respond by getting more links for themself.

Well, you’re going to have to keep going, getting more and more of the authority that you’ll need to out-rank all of those sites to get to the top of the front page, because that’s where you’re going to get most of the traffic. Depending upon the competitiveness of the niche you’re working, it will either be fairly simple, or damn difficult! It could even turn out to be an all-out war, but its one you’re going to have to win of you want a slice of a very big pie.

This is all about doing, by the way.

Reading about how to do it is not going to get your site up there. Doesn’t matter if you know everything there is to know and some, you still won’t get up there unless you start rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty.

You’re going to have to find places to get those links from and if you can’t find them, then you’re going to have to make some yourself. The more you make, the more links you’ll be able to send to your main site. I’ve talked about this strategy plenty of times in here not to have to repeat it again.

But, I will repeat this one more time for good measure: Nothing will happen until you start doing it for yourself!

If this post raises a few hackles, then so be it. That’s what a good pep talk is designed to do because it’ll make some people more determined to get out there and do something. The rest will go bury their heads back in the sand and wait for that next post…

Terry Didcott
The Honest Way

11 thoughts on “How to Make Money Online With Action”

  1. You are right of course Terry, in the end it’s all about the doing – no question about it.
    However, doing the RIGHT thing, is what matters, and I think that is why so many people asks the same questions over and over againg.
    I would gladly work my butt of, if I only knew I was going in the right direction, but it takes time in the web business to see the results of your work, and therefore it takes a long time before you realize your mistakes.
    Guess I am a little frustrated right now, since I’ve discovered that my linking strategy has been “less than optimal”…

  2. I know what you mean about always reading, reading, reading trying to find the optimum IM opportunity. You can read all you want but you will not have any success until you start doing.
    I have 3 PR0 blogs now and I am trying to get back links to them. It is a slow process but I plan to be a tortoise and get the job done.
    Thanks for the post.

  3. Morten, I think a lot of doing it right comes down to experimentation as anything else, as there are many “right” ways of making money online. It’s more a case of choosing the one that works for you.

    I know what you mean about the frustrating part of this, as it has taken me 2 years to get to this place and I’m still way behind the likes of Griz and Vic! I just keep hammering away at it because I know I’ll get there eventually.

  4. Andy, I’ve probably read as much as most online, especially in my early days at my attempts to make money online. I wasted a hell of a lot of time on reading so much garbage just to pick out the snippets of useful info until I found Griz’s blog. That was a whole lot more reading, but it was the right kind of reading.

    Not many people online like him, as most just want to sell you something. I’m definitely a tortoise in this race, but I know the finish line is just up ahead somewhere!

  5. Good point. I’ve done a lot of reading in your forum, and on Grizzly’s blog and yours, as well as many other blogs before that, but it’s only recently that I’ve taken action.

    I’ve made quite a few mistakes, and I’m sure I’ll continue to make many more, but there’s a certain satisfaction that comes with actually doing something.

    And after all, I feel that a read or two of your blog and Grizzly’s blog should be enough, since you pretty much lay everything out there. You offer a complete map, so there really is no longer an excuse for inaction.

    How to make money online with action, quite an appropriate title there.

  6. Thanks Daniel,

    We all make mistakes, I’ve made my share! When we keep repeating the same mistakes, that’s when we go round in circles chasing our tails and not getting anywhere.

    Its when we learn from them that they make us stronger. Then we’re well on the way to learning exactly how to make money online!

  7. Hi Tel,

    You are right. Taking action is key. At some point you have to stop reading and do. Both you and Grizz says it’s a long slow road, but I know it will be worth the effort.

    This past month has been the best I’ve done online. This has been a big confidence booster. I’m not ready to quit my day job anytime soon, though 🙂

    Thanks for the advice a long the way.

    At least my new projects will be better served than the haphazard way I started.

  8. That’s great news Tom. Its always good to see some results as it spurs you on to do more and get your sites into an even better position how to make money online so you can eventually say ciao to the day job!

  9. Like Andy says, it’s the wondering whether what you’re doing is just a waste of time that is the killer. Just how many backlinks do you need to get from a PR2 to a PR3 or to a PR0 to a PR1 or to get onto Page 1 of Google? Another thing Grizz mentions is clicks on Adsense of around 10-12% ! If I get 2% I consider myself rich!

  10. Vic the number of backlinks you need depends on the niche you’re targeting and it will always be different for everyone. That’s part of the job of being a Internet Marketer – figuring it out by trying it out!

    Don’t worry too much about page rank – only focus on moving up the SERPs because that’s where the money is. PR will come eventually.

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