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Its another year gone and another one started and with it the promise of so much more than what’s gone before. In fact, this year will be better than the last financially. For once, that statement is actually true, at least coming from this camp. Its no hyped up bollocks that so many Internet marketers of the “fake it until you make it” ilk spout out to try to impress their handful of loyal albeit slightly misguided followers. It real.

That’s because I really do make my entire living from the Internet and I make it thanks to a lot of hard work and determination. Those are two points that the so-called experts manage to omit from their glossy ads that tell you how they can make several thousand bucks in a week, or whatever crap they’re trying to get you to believe so you’ll buy their ebook. Maybe they do make a few thousand in a week, but of the other 51 weeks of the year they more likely barely make ends meet (although they won’t tell you that either).

Oh, I wasn’t going to harp on about all that crap either, but I just can’t help it whenever I want to write about what’s real in this unreal online world. So let’s keep things upbeat and forget the scammers for a moment or two. Let’s talk about success.

Success is what comes from the sweat and tears (ok, maybe the blistered fingers from all that typing) that goes into building up a decent enough stable of websites that produce income. It does take a lot of work of the research, writing and promoting kind. Most of the work is actually the laborious link getting that pushes those sites up the SERPs to a position where they can enjoy enough organic traffic to convert visitors into clicks or sales. But when you see the results of that hard work in terms of coinage, then you know that what you’re doing is right and its working. Far more solid and observable than other less measurable methods, I must say!

So this isn’t going to be a long winded post full of make money keywords that everyone and their dog is trying to rank for, as I gave up trying to break into the MMO niche a long time ago. I don’t need to spend all my time banging my head on that particular brick wall, when there are other equally profitable niches out there that I have found much easier to crack with less work and faster results.

So for all you wannabe Internet marketers out there that are still trying to figure out how to overtake Griz in that area, good luck and may your efforts one day pay off! As for me, I’ll take my chances in the niches you guys are leaving alone for me. Thanks!

Happy New Year!

…and whatever you do, never give up!

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