Make Money or Save Money?

Following on from my last post How to Make Money with Something for Nothing, where I waxed lyrical about the promotion being run by RevResponse that made me an easy $50 for a simple review, its time to turn my attention on something that will not make money online for anyone, but might save a few dollars here and there.

Most people know about online stores and how they often promote their wares using things like discount coupons to attract visitors to their sites. These are really useful for anyone who is planning on buying something online, but what about the Internet Marketing fraternity?

How do we get our money saving discounts on the tools, products and services that we use? Well, affiliate marketers have long known that if they wanted to get their hands on a certain eBook that might teach them something about, say SEO or how to make money online by pressing a button and sitting back while the money falls out of the sky, then all they had to do was get their own account with Clickbank. That’s where most of the affiliate sales are generated from and if you have your own account there you can buy one of their affiliate products using your own affiliate link and get the discount for yourself.

How does that work then?

Well, you buy the product and pay full price, naturally. But the clever part is that because you have used your own affiliate link, the commission fee goes into your account. That helps push up your affiliate commission balance to your payment level and gets your next Clickbank cheque sent out to you that much quicker.

Nothing like earning commission for something you sell to yourself, is there?

But wait a minute. There is a flipside. What if you get the eBook that promises to turn you into a rich person overnight and after reading it, you realize that it was a load of bullshit hype and the only person that is really being turned into a rich person is the author and maybe one or two super-affiliates! Well, if you’d bought it normally, you would be completely within your rights to demand a refund and you’d get your money back of course.

But what happens when you bought it with your affiliate link?

Oh dear, major problems. First, when you sell something from clickbank as an affiliate and that product gets returned, your account is debited the commission your would have made had the buyer kept the product. Also, you get hit with a surcharge of something like $2.50 for your trouble! Now, in the normal run of things, this is no big deal because its a small risk you are already aware of (or should be) and its no great shakes, because your commissions from other sales will cover that small cost and you’ll get your next Clickbank cheque when you hit your limit anyway.

But when you bought the product yourself with your affiliate link, you don’t get all your money back, because of that surcharge and your account goes into a big minus if the product was an expensive one and you didn’t have any other sales when you bought it. Which does not look good on your account and means it’ll take that much longer to get back into the black and then earn enough commission to get your next cheque.

Just one of those things you should be aware of.

But I was talking about buying eBooks online that claim to tell you how to make money online. Bottom line is don’t buy anyone’s eBook because let’s face it 99% of them are recycled crap that are only designed to make money for the author and the affiliates. The buyer seldom makes any money with the vast majority of those so-called make money systems.

However there are one or two that actually do what the claim – which is to make money for you as long as you do what they tell you to do. One of these is a program that’s been going on for a good few years now but has stood the test of time and for newcomers to the world of Internet Marketing who haven’t made their first cent online actually will make you money. It won’t make you rich, but it will, with some work on your own behalf I have to admit, make you some decent money on a monthly basis. Enough to get you going and giving your business as well as your confidence a much needed initial booster.

What is this program?

Its called The Honest Income Program written by Steven Wagenheim and I am so pleased with it myself that I display it in this blog’s sidebar. If you are thinking about spending some money on a good online resource that will tell you how to make money online, that is one of the better one’s I’d personally recommend.

Its all down to whether you want to make money or save money online, I suppose. Most of us as Internet Marketers are here to make money, which is why we put so much energy, effort and time into our online businesses in order to make them grow so that we can eventually watch the money fall out of the sky for real!

Here’s to your continuing success!

Terry Didcott
The Honest Way

4 thoughts on “Make Money or Save Money?”

  1. I didn’t know about the surcharge when someone returns a product. Why should affiliates be penalized if someone writes a crappy product? not sure that’s fair, it’s not reasonable to assume we’re gonna buy and review every product before marketing it.

    Also just wondering is that ebook “honest income program” your own product?

    I really am starting to think the only people who make money online are those peddling “make money online” product (no offence, not directed at you personally)

  2. Jak, no that’s not my own product but it’s written by one of the honest guys online, Steven Wagenheim.

    Check him out in the forum.

    I already said in my article that the majority of people who make money online make it from selling their products to newbies.

    But not all of us do.

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