Make Money with Bananas

Following on from the last post Don’t Let The Host Go Down On Me, where I sorted out a hosting problem that shouldn’t happen to nice webmasters like me… erm, well now I’d like to talk about bananas.

Yes, that’s right seriously – bananas.

I can see the startled look on your face as you read on in disbelief that this usually so sensible person writes away as if everything were normal while he waits patiently for the men in the white coats to arrive…

Bananas. Why would he write about bananas?

I’d like to say that everything I do is done for a reason, but that would not be entirely true as sometimes I just go off the rails and do something just for the hellovit. But this is one of those times, you’ll be relieved to hear, that I’m doing this for a reason. Whew, I can hear you slumping back in your chair – he’s not really going off to the funny farm after all. Well not today, at any rate!

So what have bananas got to do with anything, let alone with make money?

Well its one of those roundabout journeys that you need to follow a little to get to where you’re going. We started with make money with bananas, not knowing what on earth was going on. Now we know there is a logical explanation on its way.

It starts with one of my newer blogs that I have had going as a bit of an experiment to see how well I could get it to rank in Google for the search term “fast make money”. The blog is my Make Money Hints site that was initially bought as an expired domain. It had age on its side but a PR0, but I liked the name and put it to the test just to prove that age does matter!

And it did.

That blog made it into the number one spot for the keyword fast make money – ok it slid back down a little but it is still on page one. I’d call that experiment a success, wouldn’t you? I outranked PR4 sites for that keyword term and probably annoyed the hell out of the sites that were juggling for that top position, as they keyword gets a fair amount of searches. Anyway, you may still be wondering what that has got to do with bananas.

Now I’m going to tell you. A while ago, I found that a friend of mine had posted a helpful post about bananas and my blog all at the same time. I think he was trying out an experiemnt of his own to rank for the keyword “bananas” but I’m not sure about that! Anyway, this is the post he made: Bananas making money fast with Terry Didcott. That post gave me a keyword anchored link to help me along, which it did. So to return the favour, I’m linking back to that post from this blog.

There is a moral to this story and it’s worth remembering when you’re working some SEO for your own sites. That is if someone links to your blog, do them a favour and link back to the post where they put the link and you’ll be doing yourself a favour in the process. Because not only will the recipient get a nice deep link to their sub-page, but that sub page will get some authority and in turn pass that authority back to the site it was originally linking to. Sort of scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours and get an extra bonus scratch for my trouble!

Don’t you just love the ins and outs of SEO?

Terry Didcott
The Honest Way

2 thoughts on “Make Money with Bananas”

  1. Now I understand you, why you forget completely your blogs… I try to organize a e-shop and have not time for anything more -I am able to do only a part that I need to do for it because am too slow… and have to maintain my blogs too.

  2. I know, its a shame, but the paying work must come first. Plus building up my other sites is also very time consuming. This all needs to be done every day as the more sites I create, the bigger the business will be in the future when all the sites and blogs attain sufficient authority to dominate their niches.

    Which will equal a very good income, I hope!

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