The Internet Marketing Dream

Ok, time to totally change direction with some fun. After all, part of doing this business online is so that you can have fun too, otherwise you might as well go and stack shelves in your local supermarket. In fact, another part is being a little unpredictable. I also posted this, my first ever video incidentally, on my blog first, but thought it would be nice to include it here too.

Never let your competitors think they can anticipate your every move. I threw this together after some inspired work from Splork that got me thinking – there is always room for a funny video that takes the piss out of Internet Marketing gurus. Here it is:

Don’t take it too seriously now, will you!

5 thoughts on “The Internet Marketing Dream”

  1. Thanks Trent… I was up half the night putting it together killing myself laughing as it came together! I know its using the same tool Splork found – but he inspired me and I got the idea in my head… and couldn’t resist doing it!

  2. Yeah I also started to make one the other day after I watched Splorks but after a few minutes I decided it wasn’t worth the time so I quit. I’m glad you stuck it out though because this one was great.

  3. LOL that was dam funny dude! I can totally identify with the guys in the video cause I was ripped off when I first came into this business by those guru guys that were selling snake oil. I was a gullible noob and bought into that dream like a real sucker! I know better now, of course so it was a real close to home reminder watching you rip it all apart with humor!

  4. This is a very good video article that spells out the first step before embarking on joining any affiliate program. Pretty funny too, so thanks for the lighthearted entertainment!

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