Bang to Writes!

Writing is a most important part of earning an honest income online. There are several ways that writing can earn you that income and in this post I’m going to cover one of them.

Writing articles to sell is a good way of boosting your income online. There are several good article submission sites that will pay for your articles and probably the most well known one is called Associated Content. But I’m not going to talk about them in any great detail here, as in my opinion there is a better one.

But first, why am I not gunning for AC?

Most importantly because I am not a US citizen and therefore AC will not pay me! I won’t go into that one because it is irritating, suffice it to say if you live in the USA, then AC would be a good choice except for one thing – money. AC’s payment rate varies but starts at about $5 per article. Ok. That’s all I’m saying about AC.

What I really want to talk about here is an article submission site called Constant Content.


Constant Content also accept your articles and will pay you for them but with a few differences to AC. I’ll take the two most important points.

1. You don’t have to be a US citizen. They use PayPal which covers around 55 countries worldwide. Good for me as I live in Spain.

2. The rates of pay are much better per article. Why? Because the author sets their own price for their work.

Ok, so now you have an idea about the important points. Let’s look at the workings of Constant Content in a bit more detail. Here are some questions I’ve been asked about Constant Content

Do I have to be a professional writer to join?

Not really. As long as you can write reasonably well and your articles are interesting enough, Constant Content will accept them and you will sell them.

How long should my articles be and what should I charge?

500 word approx articles are the norm and you should charge around $30-$40 for them full rights.

Do CC take a commission?

Yes. You get 65% of the sale. Of the remaining 35%, 20% goes to affilitates who generate buyers for the content (most important), 5% to author referrals (if you sign up under another author’s referral link) and CC end up with 10% which they use to run and promote the service.

So for a $40 article, you will receive $26 which I think is reasonable for what would take between about half an hour to an hour of your time to write. Of course you can charge more, but you have to balance your price against the willingness of buyers to pay it. The only downside is that you then have to wait for the article to sell.

How does the referral program work?

Don’t get too fired up about the prospect of getting referrals and earning lots of money from them – I have seven authors that have signed up using my referral link and so far I’ve earned 5% of nothing! Some authors do, of course earn money from their referrals. It all depends on whether you refer a prolific writer and they sell lots of articles. It’s the luck of the draw!

In my case, maybe it’s because they just haven’t sold anything yet. But I think it more likely that they have probably just submitted one article a piece and are waiting to see if it sells. That’s totally the wrong way to go about things with Constant Content, but I know it is common for new authors to do that.

Why is is wrong to test the waters first?

With Constant Content, unlike other article submission sites like AC who pay you a small renumeration for any article they accept straight away, it’s all about selling your articles to content hungry website owners who are prepared to pay a bit more to get good, unique content for their sites.

And therin lies the most important factor. Uniqueness.

With AC and similar sites, they pay you less because your work will be sold on to many different site owners who will use the content as “usage” rights, which means it is not unique content. Constant Content also allows you to sell your articles as “usage” for which you must charge a lower price.

But Constant Content also allow you to do something much more interesting and lucrative. That is to set a price for “Unique” and “Full Rights” categories.

What does that mean?

“Unique” means just that – the article can only be sold once and the buyer is guaranteed to have obtained unique content for his site, although the buyer must accredit the author as being the creator of the article.

“Full Rights” also means that the article is unique, with the difference being that the new owner then owns the article and can accredit it to themself. They can change its content, add to it or remove some of it. It is their do do with what they will. Which is why these website owners are keen to buy unique, full rights content for their sites and why they are prepared to pay more for it. That unique content goes towards boosting their site’s presence on the search engine page rankings, helping them to beat their competitors.

So with Constant Content, you can set three prices for your work. Typical pricing for a standard 500 word article might look like this:

“Usage”: $10
“Unique”: $30
“Full Rights”: $40

This is, of course only an example. Different authors set different prices for their work.

Most content sold at Constant Content is “full rights”, as buyers go there specifically to buy unique content. This is good for their business as the search engines will penalize their sites for having duplicate content (which is what they will get when they try to save money buying “usage” content).

Some authors who write for AC have also posted their articles at Constant Content, but because they have already sold them to AC, they can only put them up for “usage” as they cannot claim their article is unique – ie has not been purchased by another website owner. When this happens, and that author only puts up the one or two articles, they wonder why they sit there not selling. Then they tell everyone Constant Content is a load of rubbish because they haven’t sold their one non-unique articles.

As you can see, that is wrong but I don’t think anyone has pointed that out to them.

So to be successful with Constant Content, you have to write and submit more than one article and it has to be unique or it is unlikely to sell, at least not quickly. Having said that, sometimes buyers do purchase usage rights to an article. I have personally sold two articles that way, which means I can re-sell them again and again, although that is not so likely as they are no longer unique. But they were chosen from my ever expanding portfolio of articles, which means I am selling more articles as I keep increasing the size of that portfolio by continually submitting more unique articles.

In fact, the most successful authors who write for Constant Content submit two or three articles per day! That builds up into a respectable portfolio that practically guarantees a very good turnover every month.

So that is how to be successful with Constant Content.

Constant Content is FREE to join by the way and it costs nothing to submit your articles for review. Review takes between a few hours top a few days depending on the volume of submissions. Once your article is accepted, it is available to be sold straight away

By the way, Constant Content have their own member’s forum that you can ask any questions you might have and the members are really friendly and helpful.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any further questions about Constant Content, please leave a comment, or come and join The Honest Way FORUM and start a discussion there.

You can join Constant Content by clicking on my link (and making me happy!) which will take you straight to their homepage where you can read what they themselves have to say about their service.

Terry Didcott
The Honest Way


MPAM. What is it?

Five years ago, the acronym stood for “Massive Passive Advertising Machine”. I think that describes MPAM quite well, although there is much, much more to MPAM than just advertising.

MPAM has been around since 2001, so it certainly can’t be described as a flash in the pan. It is, in fact a well respected online business education system with a membership approaching two million.

Did he just say two million?

Almost 2,000,000 (two million) members worldwide is nothing to be sniffed at. It is huge. The great thing about MPAM is there is no multi-level selling, no hype, no unachievable promises, just a solid program of online business courses and income stream generation. They teach you how to set up an online business of your very own, help you to build your first website, promote it and make an income from it. The on-going support by the experienced members is second to none.

Ok, so what do they give me?

They give you the first month’s membership for free so you can try it out and see if it’s for you. It’s not for everyone, of course. If you’re the type of person who wants to be able to press a button and watch the money roll up to your door in a truck, then it’s certainly NOT for you. MPAM is a program that requires you to work for your success.

If you are prepared to put in the time and effort, MPAM will give you the tools to work with to achieve that success. It won’t happen overnight, either. Getting any business up and running takes time and effort. It starts slowly and builds into a successful enterprise over time, gradually. So you also need patience to go with your motivation and willingness to work hard.

Once the free trial is up, your monthly subscription includes professional website hosting thrown in for free (that’d cost you at least $10 a month with a good hosting company like HostGator). You also get sitebuilder software thrown in for free, the tutorials thrown in for free, an article submission program that you can earn $5 per article (a good way to cover your subscription costs). There is also an affiliate program where you can promote MPAM and earn 50% of your monthly fee per sign-up. There are over 450,000 niche sites at your disposal to help promote your site with backlinks and a whole host of other income streams from PPC advertising to a co-op share scheme that currently earns around 20% for its shareholders.


You can sign-up for the free month trial by clicking on one of the MPAM links in this text, or the link at the end of this post. As I already said, its free to try and if you decide it’s not for you, then walk away and it has cost you nothing. If you are like me and the close on two million other satisfied members, you might realize the enormous benefits of membership and stick around to watch you online business grow day by day into a successful online income generating enterprise!

Thanks for calling in, feel free to leave a comment and come back soon!

Terry Didcott

The Honest Way