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This post will be my Blog Content Wizard review. Its been a little while since my last post in here RevResponse Update, so I apologise for the long gap but I’ve been busy with so many other things it gets harder to keep up with all the blogs I’m running at the moment. Still, the more the merrier if you really want to know how to make money online!

So what exactly is Blog Content Wizard?

Well, for those of you who do not already know, Frank Carr over at, the popular product review site, has created Blog Content Wizard, which is a nifty piece of software for generating, well, in a word… content!

Lets get the major downside of this product out of the way first so that I can do the rest of the Blog Content Wizard review and tell you what it really comes into its own for.


The first thing you need to be aware of is that Blog Content Wizard does not produce the sort of content that will enable anyone to generate ezine quality articles. So if that’s what you’re looking for, you have a long wait ahead as there is NO software that can produce such good, human looking results, no matter what anyone else claims. Frank makes no such claims either.

So what exactly is the use of yet another piece of content producing software that calls itself Blog Content Wizard.

The clue is in the name.

Blog Content Wizard is primarily designed and created for generating low quality blog posts that you would use in low quality blogs for padding out the content. But it comes with this very useful and priceless bonus. Importantly for SEO purposes, Blog Content Wizard produces keyword rich content, using keywords that you specify.

It is what it is, a low level keyword rich random content generator that will produce basically readable articles which tell the search engine bots what they need to know, ie what keywords your site is targeting and what niche it fits into.

If you’re still shaking your heads and thinking to yourself that its no use posting crap content as the search engines will only give you grief, then think again. The only people that will give you grief are live readers of your blog. So if you have a social blog that you are attracting genuine live people to read your writings, then this is not for you. What Blog Content Wizard is for is those blogs that you do not expect to attract anyone to except the search engines.

Still shaking your head? I can see you thinking, “What is the use of a blog if no one except the search engines are going to read it?”

In social terms, not much. But in SEO terms, everything!

How to Make Money Online?

Maybe you’re wondering how to make money online using this handy software. By itself, it won’t earn you any cash, but put it to work, it will help you to create an unstoppable money making leviathan in the form of supporting sites.

I’ll explain. If your intention is to make money online with your blogs or static websites, there can be no arguing that you need traffic in order to make sales or generate clicks with PPC ads. Also, there can be no arguing that you need a certain kind of traffic if you want it to generate that income for you and the best kind of traffic for that is organic search traffic. The kind that finds your site on the front page of Google,  Yahoo, MSN etc.

So what if your site isn’t on page one of any of those search engines.

Then you need a way to help it on its way. Well, one way of doing that is to set up some, shall we say search engine readable blogs, that can send the all-important authority, keyword anchored links to your sites that are displaying the ads that you want the organic search traffic to find and click. This is how to make money online! You must have links to your money sites so that they will rise in the search engines’ index and be found by the right kind of traffic – organic search traffic. In large numbers. The more the better!

But setting up more blogs to do that is time consuming and then filling them with sufficient keyword rich content is even more time consuming. That’s if you were to write the content yourself. Or expensive if you were to buy it.

Enter the Blog Content Wizard, reviewed right here.

Blog Content Wizard creates that rather low quality but still human readable content with all the right keywords in the right quantities (ie not over-stuffed) to satisfy the search engines that the blog is focused on that particular niche. Then when you send links to your money making site (or sites) from blogs that you have filled with keyword rich content, those links have much more authority than they would have coming from nondescript or irrelevant blogs, regardless of their page rank.

There’s the rub.

This is why so many sites that occupy high places in the SE index for certain less competitive keywords can be overturned by your own sites. Because they may have lots of links coming in and they may come from high PR sites, but they’re often not keyword anchored and not coming from tightly focused sites that have keyword authority for the keywords you are targeting. By using Blog Content Wizard to create exactly that type of content for these types of sites, you gain an edge the competition is unaware of.

Guess what that will do to your money site?

Yep, it will give it a nice leg-up in the SERPs. Which is what you want and need if you’re going to make any money from it.

So how does Blog Content Wizard work?

Well, Blog Content Wizard has access to a huge library of phrases in common use that it chooses randomly to form roughly coherent sentences. To generate articles with your main keyword and some secondary keywords that you want to see in the finished article, you simply enter them in the relevant fields in the software’s main panel. You can also, on a separate panel, add your own phrases that may be niche specific to give the finished article more authenticity. Then you simply hit the button and the software randomly generates the content.

In a concise nutshell, that’s how Blog Content Wizard works.

As I’ve already pointed out, the finished article is a little rough around the edges. But if you want a more readable article, it can be improved by copying it into a word processor like MS Word and doing some cosmetic tidying up yourself That way you can create a more readable article that would pass a visual inspection. Ok, its a little more work for you, but far less than creating your own articles from scratch. On the other hand, if you’re not all that bothered about quality and only want the article purely for search engines, then its good to go.

Simply copy and paste the full article into your blog editor and publish. Voila, instant content!

Now as I mentioned earlier, the finished product is only barely readable and while it will make perfect sense to a search engine bot, it might leave a real human visitor scratching their head. This is why this product is not for populating money sites or adsense sites with content. You never know when a visual inspection of a money site might be triggered and if your content is not up to scratch you may attract more unwanted scrutiny than you’d like. So this is purely for blogs you don’t expect anyone to read and that are used for providing links to sites you do make money on.

Disclaimer: Just so that you know where I’m coming from with this Blog Content Wizard review, there is no affiliate program with this product, so I’m not taking a cut. Nor am I being paid to write this review. This is just my way of saying thank you to Frank for producing Blog Content Wizard for such a reasonable price ($47) and that I have bought it and am more than happy with its results.

If you want to see for yourself, please check out Frank’s site where you can buy the software if you want or just read about it if you’re a tyre kicker! The link to the site is: Blog Content Wizard

If you’re serious about wanting to make money online, this software tool is something you might want to consider adding to your armory!

Terry Didcott
The Honest Way

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  2. I can see this tool being very useful in other ways Terry. In fact, the possibilities are nearly endless.

    For example, those keyword rich post would do great with contextual advertising like Adsense or Amazon.

    Thanks for the heads up!


  3. Absolutely Don, this is a fantastic tool for SEO and building blogs as well as adding content to what would otherwise be seen as thin affiliate sites such as BANS.

  4. Glad its useful to you Zakk.

    If you do go ahead and buy Blog Content Wizard, please tell Frank you saw it here – while there is no affiliate program, he still likes to know where people hear about it.

  5. It would certainly be better as there are a huge number of Spanish bloggers out there that could use it. However, BCW is created and maintained by one man, not a company, so his resources are limited.

    Of course, you could always run the results through an online translator – you’ll get some very strange translations, but for what it does, it doesn’t really matter 😉

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