More on the Social Community Front

There are many Social Communities springing up on the internet these days and that can only be a good thing for website and blog owners who want to raise their online profile as well as network with lots of other people.

One great Social Community site I have come across is

As well as being a great place to share your photos, mp3 collection or whatever it is you want to share with your friends online, it is also a great place to network and meet new people. From a website owner’s point of view, that equates to getting to know more people and getting more people to know you and your site!

This is a great site to join up with as is designed around the concept of a “consensus engine”, which allows you to rate different sites, products, software, services in fact whatever interests you and is there to be rated.

Add to this the ability to create your own social network circle or community of like minded people and there you have the potential to extend your network of friends and acquaintances right across the globe from the comfort of your sitting room, or wherever else you usually while away the hours in front of your PC or laptop.

Terry Didcott