One Way to Make Money Online

Part of what keeps this wonderful and honest blog going is the fact that I can make money online for which I’m paid a small amount. This goes towards the cost of hosting the site, the cost of the coffee to keep me awake and of course compensates me in some small measure for my time spent with traffic generation, reviewing and writing!

I’ve been making money online for about two months now they are by far my favourite site. This will be my way of showing you how to make money online and it’s fitting that this is all about how I’m enjoying my association with them.

In the beginning I had some teething problems for which their support staff were very helpful. They kept in contact with me until everything was ok. Not many companies that I’ve dealt with in the past have been so professional and courteous in handling things so full credit to their support staff.

So far, for the work I’ve already completed I’ve earned $36.01 which has covered my hosting costs but not quite my coffee consumption!

I shall have to work a little harder on that!

Or drink less coffee…

This blog is still steadily growing in popularity as you can see and I’m sure that Google will very soon be kind enough to bestow a well deserved page rank of decent proportions for all the hard work that has gone into it.

Once this blog has circumvented that small hurdle, the renumeration should become greater, which is good for me and my PayPal balance!

It won’t affect the number or frequency of posts in any way, which will naturally mean even more of my literary genius will be displayed to keep you transfixed to your screens and eager to return for more!

So do feel free to bookmark this site if you haven’t already done it – and be sure to come back soon!

Terry Didcott

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