One Rule For Us

Welcome back to Make Money The Honest Way blog. The title is totally non-SEO and to be honest, I couldn’t give a flying rat’s turd! I can only imagine how many “ordinary” bloggers like me felt upon hearing the news that John Chow has been allowed back into the Google index for his name and MMO keywords, especially those of us who have had sites de-indexed for far less than what he did.

Yes, there is certainly one rule for us and another for them.

Us ordinary folk have to go through the process of grovelling to Google via Webmaster Tools reincusion request, to which someone might take a few weeks to come and look at your site and maybe, just maybe let you back in. I have a couple of sites that are pretty damn clean that have NOT been let back in via this process, so I went ballistic when I read JC’s post on how he got his very publicly anti-Google blog back into the index.

No dicking around with re-inclusion requests for him. Oh, no. He gets to go straight to the main man himself, Matt Cutts, who actually tells him what to fix and then lets him right back in. WTF?

Are the rest of us such evil badass bastards that we don’t deserve the decency of a fair crack of the whip? Nobody tells us what the spam team are not liking about the blogs that we have de-indexed. We have to just do our best, hit and hope. My currently de-indexed blogs are NOT selling damn links and never have, they are NOT writing paid posts and never have, they are NOT spam, their content is all original, they are informative. So why the hell were they not re-included when I asked?

Nobody emailed me to say, “Hey Terry, you got a link in there to an undesirable site that you may not have realized. Take it out and we’ll index your site”, or “Hey Terry, looks like someone scraped your original posts and because their blog outranks yours, we decide its their content and you’re the plagiarist of your own content (ha’dy fucking ha)” or any shit like that. Not a bloody word. Nada, zip. I have to go through and check every link out, copyscape my own content to see who’s scraped it, in essence make sure my blogs are tighter than a ducks arse (that’s watertight). And I still don’t get let back in!

This is shit. Its unfair and it’s shit.

So maybe someone at Google likes John Chow, even after what he said about them, even after he spent nearly three years holding the finger up to Google and bragging how he doesn’t need their traffic to make money and letting his not inconsiderable readership know how much he holds them in contempt by waving his bare arse at them at every turn.

One rule for us, another for them.

Ok, don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with John Chow himself. I don’t much like how he does it, but he’s just another guy making a living from the Internet like me, so fair dues. You gotta what you gotta do.

The system stinks just like the system has always stunk. Its out to help the big boys, the old school, the established people at the top with scant regard how they got there or how they stay there.

When Google was just a new toy, the guys that launched it were visionaries and they were the little guy. They were out to show the big guys that they could be toppled and they did what they set out to do. Now they’re the big guys and they are behaving just like the big guys before them did, no difference, same arrogance and attitude. What changed?

Same as the infamous Mexican “revolutions”. Everyone hates the guys in power, so they have a revolution to get rid of them and put another load of guys in power. That power corrupts them and they become just like the previous rulers. Then another bunch of people start another revolution to get rid of the guys in power because everyone hates them and they put another bunch of guys in power. And they get corrupted by that power… ad nauseum.

“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” said George Orwell in Animal Farm.

Let’s not let all that power go to our head, guys… remember the little guys! Some of us are actually on the level, not how you think we are because you’ve been lied to about us. Some of us, like me are playing by the rules but got labeled with the wrong description. And we’ve been a lot more compliant and respectful than certain bloggers have over the past 3 years.

So how about making that one rule count a little more fairly?

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  1. Hi,i must say that you are right about j.chow vs. google thing,he can speak with the big guy,we don’t,even worse,that “big guy” allowed him back in serps,i also don’t love this kind of policy,i also want to say that i have few blogs deindexed by google (i did a bad thing),but also have blogs that where de-indexed just because “bad neighborhood” links,which i did not even know about.

    Anyway tnx for the great post.

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