Build Authority Sites to Make Money?

Ah, its Sunday morning and I have a theory… What if…?

Its all a smokescreen. A great big craftily engineered smokescreen. To try and stop all the damn noobs creating tons of mini sites that were once a lucrative source of links and in the case of hub pages, money, for those of us who know what we’re doing. To stop the directionless masses in their tracks from building tons of thin sites that were clogging up the search index and get them to concentrate on…

Authority sites!

Well, sorry to burst the bubble and throw my spanner into the nicely oiled works, but its not a new fad, as is being touted around by the big names right now. Big content rich authority sites were always there. And in most cases they always ranked well as long as they had the links to back them up. But its only recently that the Internet marketing trend has swung back to building large, content laden authority sites because we’re all being told that’s what Google now wants to see in its index.

But that’s the beauty of this little ruse. Its not new!

Google has always wanted that. But people have short memories and will latch onto whatever any mentor or highly respected and knowledgeable marketer or SEO expert tells them. And we’re all being told that we should be concentrating on building authority sites if we want to dominate the SERPs. Thin sites simply don’t cut it any more and the dreaded algorithm is sniffing them out and tossing them asunder while giving more emphasis to authority sites.

There’s a little marketing psychology going on there because its quite stunning how everyone is suddenly focusing on the authority site theory and that means their focus has been diverted away from the splatter mini site theory of a few months ago. Is it just me or are Hub Pages starting to earn a little more money these last few days? Is there a slowdown in them being built because we’ve all been told its not worth it any more, because Hub Pages lost some of their SERP authority?

Maybe. Also, I don’t know if this is new, but I’ve recently noticed some PPC ads promoting Hub Pages appearing on Google’s front page for some make money terms. Why would they need to do that, I wonder? Perhaps the recent surge in page building has abated and the owners started to like the extra income it was generating for them and now that it has fallen off, they want some more? Only theorising here, by the way. I could be way off. But I’m not so sure I am.

But don’t take any notice of my Sunday morning ramblings. What do I know? Get back to building your authority sites and leave those mini sites alone as they’re no good to you. Honest!

Good! I’m happy now I’ve sorted that out. I’m also happy that I have more coffee. I’m not making a big deal about this minor discovery, either. I want everyone to keep concentrating on their authority site(s) while I can get back to building mini sites. I might be completely wrong here and those mini sites might not stand a better chance of ranking and making money, now everyone else and their dog have averted their radar to something else.

I might go write a few blog posts about how important authority sites are… Oh, I already did!

Gotta love the Internet, God bless Google and God help the rest of you!

Never give up!

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