RevResponse Update

Following on from my last post List Building and Autoresponders, I want to make a quick mention of what’s going on with RevResponse.

This is the affiliate site that a lot of us signed up with last month with the carrot of $50 dangling in front of our faces if we wrote them a blurb in our blogs and gave them some promotional grunt. Well, I’m happy to say that whilst I haven’t had much of a response from the sidebar promo I put up here in this blog, I have just received a nice email from PayPal to tell me they just paid up the $50!

So to everyone who got involved and hasn’t yet seen a return on their promotional site set up with RevResponse, don’t worry as at least you’ll get (or have already got) your prize for giving them some exposure on your sites.

For me, its confirmation that these guys are serious and I shall step up my efforts to promote the affiliate mini-site that bears my name to see if I can’t wring some affiliate dollars from them as well!

That’s all for this post – short and sweet and so unlike my usual marathon posts!

Until my next inspired piece of prose…

Terry Didcott
The Honest Way