Do You Bing?

No, I haven’t gone round the bend, at least not today. Bing is the new search engine from Microsoft that seems to be a direct replacement for their “Live” search engine, but wrapped up in a nicer, more simple package and with some handy little extras that make it a very user friendly searching experience.

Hang on, why is he chirping about a search engine… and one owned my Microsoft at that?

Well now, normally I’d be finding faults especially if it comes from the MS stable. Let’s face it, Mr Gates might have got the world of PC users in a stranglehold that they can’t (or won’t) break out of, but when it comes to the Internet search traffic, the PhD’s at Google have well and truly kicked his extremely wealthy arse! Which is THE ONLY reason I’m chirping about a search engine that comes from the gold plated underbelly of the corporation that forces an operating system on you even if you don’t want it (and you still have to pay for it).

So what’s the beef? Google have become a monopoly and that’s bad for any business. Sure, their search engine is the most relevant and returns better relevancy than any of the others. But when you’re on the other end of that search culture, such as the creator of the websites that you are desperately trying to get their highnesses to rank in a decent place in said index, it’s damn frustrating watching your carefully constructed site that you write a ton of original content for by hand get relegated to the nether regions of the search pages top be beaten into submission by a bunch of crap sites that all happen to have more links pointing at them than you do. Or even more frustrating when you know you have more links than all of the sites above you but for some reason unbeknown to anyone, the majority of them are simply ignored.

And no, its not because those links come from duplicate content, or low authority sites or spammed blog comments or any of the generally accepted places that aren’t worth much. I mean links from authority sites that are (I believe deliberately) ignored to keep a site down and allow other less worthy piles of crap from rising above it.

But I digress slightly from the point of this post. If it has much of a point, that is.

Bing may not be an instant hit, or an overnight threat to Google’s mammoth leviathan. It may never take the bull by the horns and kick its arse back.

But in the longer term, it just might.

Why do I think that? Well, maybe I’m a little biased here, but where Google can be quite tough to crack no matter how legit your site may be, Bing seems to be a little kinder, at least to several of my own websites that are languishing in the realms of the forgotten in Google’s index for several of their better keywords. As a direct example, I’ve had a site that is targeting a fairly competitive keyword in the weight loss niche for the best part of a year now and while it has spent a fair whack of time climbing up page two of Google’s index (in US data centres, where it matters most), it keeps getting slapped down to page 6, where it currently resides. In contrast, Bing has placed the same site in the number two spot for the same keyword.

Why is that?

Who knows, but I would hazard a pretty educated guess that Bing is counting the site’s good, relevant content plus all of its quality links, whereas Google is not. That, for me means the difference between a good payday this month and just scraping by. The site does well with its monetisation when it gets targeted search traffic, and Bing is certainly sending it plenty of that.

So for now, at least, I will hope and pray that a real contender for Google’s crown is on its way and won’t fade out like a damp squib like all the rest seem to have done.

So Mr Gates, I (and my PC) might not much like your ever expanding Windoze, but I certainly hope your Bing has sufficient BANG to give the competition a decent run for its money.

Terry Didcott
The Honest Way