Big Home Business Site For Sale!

Hi everyone – just thought I’d let you know if you didn’t already that Trent Brownrigg is selling his flagship website over at Sitepoint. Its quite pricey, but it makes a lot of money and site high in the SERPs for a lot of home based business related keywords that attract a lot of organic search traffic.

What have I told you about traffic? Yep, if a site is getting its traffic from Google and co, then the visitors are targeted and more likely to buy what you’re promoting or click on ads. In short, this is exactly the kind of site you want both as a source of regular income online as well as an authority presence that you can launch newer sites with.

I’m not giving too many details of the sale away, as you can read them all on sitepoint by following this link:

Why is Trent selling his flagship site that he put 6 years of hard work into? Well, that’s personal and not a decision he came upon lightly, but when you gotta sell, you gotta sell and if you are in the market for a strong flagship website/domain that makes good money every month and has the potential to make even more for someone with fresh ideas, then it will easily offset the sale price.

So if that has got your interest, hop over to sitepoint and check it out.

Terry Didcott
The Honest Way