How NOT to Make Money with Site Build It

This The Honest Way blog is getting its second post in a month. What’s going on here? I’ll tell you.

I love it when someone writes a review of a product or service that is hard hitting and honest, then all the affiliates and noob hangers on of said product come out in force to try to bully the writer with their side of the story, especially when they are only virtually spouting the company line.

Lissie called out Site Build It as a scam at her article that you can read here: Site Build It Scam along with all the troll comments from the so-called experts.

Ok, I’m not reviewing Site Build It here, nor am I saying whether it is a scam or not – plenty of people are already doing a great job of it without me adding fuel to the fire. I’m just raising awareness that if you take on a company like this with your own opinion of what it is, which in a free world is anyone’s prerogative, you should expect some defending to be done of that company, but what you should not expect is to be bullied and harassed by a bunch of nasty, ill-informed noobs.

So Lissie gets my full support here and I have a feeling that many other established marketers who do know what they are doing will likewise stand behind her and lend their support.

Incidentally, Vic has made one of his trademark videos with some real home truths about the alleged expertise of one of those know-it-all commenters here: Site Build It Noobs Are Funny. Hey Vic, hope you don’t mind the anchor to try outrank them for their own KW…

Anyway, good on ya Lissie!

Update: Looks like the heavyweights are all wading in now. Griz just posted this additional flame fanning post here: Site Build it – Don’t Buy It. So if you were actually contemplating spending $300 of your hard earned cash on a per year basis for a website that you could put together and host yourself for considerably less – after reading all this and all the additional info from the real experts (not the wannabe’s from the SBI forum) I’m willing to bet you won’t want anyone to know you were even considering signing up for Site Build It now!

The Honest Way

23 thoughts on “How NOT to Make Money with Site Build It”

  1. Nice post, Terry.

    Lissie is the best.

    I came just now to your post via the Google search results, not by way of Griz’s page.

    Organic search is awesome.

  2. Hi,
    I’m a friend of Lissie’s, and found your site from her Site Build it post.
    Have tried to join your forum, but there’s nowhere to register that I could find.
    Have you closed it off?
    Cheers, Eric G.

  3. Max, Hi I’m glad you found me via Google. It means something is working right for a change LMAO!!

  4. Eric, hi. The forum is indeed closed to stop spammers registering. Shoot me an email and I’ll tell you how to get in.

  5. Lissie (Make Money Online – hehe you made me write that KW in my reply…) That’s a nice hub page, I have to say very topical too 😉

    I had to rescue you from Askimet which is why your comment only just appeared.

    Hang on… deja vu is happening (cue Twilight Zone theme…)LMAO!!

  6. Rhys, good to see you here and that’s good news about Lissie’s site – hey I had to rescue you from Askimet too BTW!

  7. Thanks for reading it.

    Its a known fact (and a lot of the marketing guys that sell a lot of Clickbank stuff know about this) that it actually helps boost sales when a product review is balanced and contains some negative points about the product.

    It builds in reality and creates trust when people see that a product also has some flaws. They’re more likely to buy when something is presented to them that appears to have been more fully disclosed than a totally positive review.

    On the other hand, a totally negative review can still get people curious enough to check out a sales page – which can then work its magic to convert into sales. Notoriety also works – advertisers have known this for a long time.

    So the saying “every cloud has a silver lining” is highly relevant to Internet Marketing.

  8. An interesting point you make there Tel – as some Hollywood actor said I believe “you can say what you like just spell my name right!” – but there is another irksome point about Site Build It – why do you have to pay for support every time you buy one of their boxes ? Surely you get all the support you need the first time ? Just a thought.

  9. Ha, and this one:

    “There is no such thing as bad publicity, just publicity!”

    Interesting point about support. I can see the mode of thinking there – why charge ’em for one load of support when you can repeatedly charge ’em for more.

    Its the same as the majority of the crap that comes out of Clickbank. The mentality is to promote eBook after ebook that all say the same thing and noobs will keep buying them as long as they all promise to make ’em rich.

    Nothing changed in the sales industry when it moved online. Its all about supply and demand. As long as there are enough noobs who can be sold on the promise of easy money, or easy business set-up (such as Site Build It business-in-a-box models) they’ll keep buying or paying for the service all the while keeping the sellers bank balances healthy.

    Its not ethical, or even fair, but who said the retail industry was ever fair? They still sell you junk food and fizzy drinks that make you gain weight and screw up your health and they still sell you cigarettes that give you cancer.

    Yeah, ain’t life a bitch LMAO!!!

  10. Hi Terry,

    can’t say much about SBI. I have to agree with the saying “every cloud has a silver lining”.

    From what I know, SBI has helped a lot of people to earn money. Along the way, there are also those who failed. Those who failed are those who blamed the failure to SBI.

    But that doesn’t mean I’m with SBI. I didn’t join it simply because of the fee which was too big for me as a beginner that time.

    So I searched for other ways to earn money online and found few blogs including yours and Griz’s blog. Eventually, I learned the “honest way” to make money, the real way of doing SEO, and many other benefits that an Internet Marketer should have.

    Now the possibilities for me to success following what you and Griz have taught is 50-50. I could have failed following the techniques you taught. Either I misinterpreted what you taught here OR simply because what you taught was wrong.

    If I failed, I shouldn’t blame you. I shouldn’t blame Griz.

    Those who came to your blog or Griz’s blog and clicked on ads are more than likely to fail; because they didn’t bother to read what you preached or what Griz has preached for years. Should they blame you? No, they shouldn’t though they clicked ads on your blog.

    Same thing goes to SBI members. Those who read and listen to advices are those who earned. Those who didn’t, they shouldn’t blame SBI.

    SBI is only a tool just like any other sites. Look at it this way;

    A)Evoy said that pay $300 and SBI will help you.

    B)HostGator/GoDaddy said pay $50 and they will give you a great domain and site with a lot of cool features.

    C)Griz said pay NOTHING and use FREE blogspot to rank top in the SERP.

    It’s all up to you guys. If you choose A, do it properly and you may reap the rewards. If you choose C, the rate of success is the same too (maybe higher because you didn’t pay anything lol).

    However, this campaign proves one single point that you and Griz have been preaching for years.

    Backlinks. Lots and lots of them.

    What I’m trying to say is – this campaign is successful not because SBI is a scam, but rather because YOUR techniques and Griz’s techniques work.

    The chaos happened especially at Lissie’s site only because SBI armies and zombies couldn’t take the heat.

    If one day someone proves that your techniques and Griz’s techniques are wrong, I don’t think you or Griz would react the same way. You would agree and Griz would also nod his head.

    Because both of you are Internet Marketers.

    And Internet Marketers use only products that work. If they no longer useful, then Internet Marketers move to other products that work.

    Google works now, so they use Google.

    If one day Google screw up, then Internet Marketers will find other ways that work.

    Congrats on the success!


  11. Joey, I reckon you pretty well summed it up. Even this post itself was not meant as a for or against Site Build It per se, but more of an exercise in SEO to

    a) boost Lissie’s review onto page one pf the SERPs so there is at least one balancing negative review for all the positive ones and

    b) Because I don’t post enough in this blog and I’m always looking at alternative keywords within MMO and SEO to rank for.

    My opinions are neither here nor there really – and I’m not all that fussed what other people think about what I write, because its written primarily for the SEs and to boost the authority of this site as a flagship rather than a front line money maker.

  12. Tom, its always important to keep an open mind to everything that’s presented online.

    Most of it really is crap but not all of it and it takes some experience to be able to weed out the good stuff from the bad. When you have a choice of reviews offering differing opinions, at least you are able to base your decisions partly upon the diversity of information, rather than be sold purely on hype.

  13. I used SBI to build my first site. I also have self-hosted WordPress blogs, free blogger blogs, and niche sites built on html templates.

    All three are real ways to make money. SBI is not a scam, and at $25 a month is is a great value for those who are new to website building and need a course in SEO, keywords and online marketing as well as site building tutorials.

  14. And so have plenty of other people. But at today’s prices, you don’t need to spend that much for just one website. Remember that’s $25 PER WEBSITE with SBI.

    You can get professional hosting for unlimited domains these days for less then $7 a month. Its fully documented for free so there’s no excuse if you don’t know how to do it.

    If I were to try to host 100 websites at SBI how much would that cost me a month?

    But even more enlightening is the sheer fact that if you don’t know how to build a website, or how to get it ranked in the search engines, what business do you have in trying to make a business online? You have to learn how to do that first. That information is free for anyone with the savvy to go looking for it. To pay someone $300 a year for that information is criminal.

    Consider the offline or real world equivalent. Would you open a shoe shop if you knew nothing about shoes? Or would you apply for a job as a bricklayer if you didn’t know how to lay bricks?

    Don’t tell me SBI is not a scam when you are being hoodwinked into paying well over the odds for a service that you don’t really need.

    Come on, there’s nothing more pathetic than someone who is being scammed who refuses to believe it while defending the scammer with the scammer’s own arguments.

  15. hello,

    i was about to buy sbi (i admit it), but came across these posts and am thinking twice.

    i am a newbie. i have an idea that i think will work for a membership site, and material for ebooks (when i find a good publisher). anyway, i don’t know where to start…that was the appeal with sbi for me. i’m sure i could do it all on my own, but i don’t know what to do first!

    do you have any suggestions? books, sties, programs, etc?



  16. Miss Priss? LMAO!!

    Interesting article and more fuel added to the fire that doesn’t look like going out…

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