Wiping Cyber Egg Off My Face…

Doesn’t it just have to happen…! I hold off writing about Alan’s blog being deleted and if I’d held off another day I wouldn’t be writing this. His blog is back!

So what happened?

Seems he appealed and got it back. Maybe the whole MMO community came in their collective pants a little too soon and the resultant world-wide ejaculation of contemplations, conversations and theorizing cause a cyber-tsunami that everyone got caught up in… me included! Bugger!

So, does this mean its back to business as usual? Was this deletion just an automated thing caused, as I mentioned in my last post through malicious flagging by some envious competitors?

First, I don’t think business will be as usual, despite the reinstatement of Alan’s blog. There are plenty of other warning signs out there that not just Blogger, but Google are cracking down on sites they don’t like the look of. That means my comments about thin sites still stand. If you want to keep them, you’ll need to make them more useful and interesting to real people, not just add a bunch of crap content to pad them out. You’ll actually have to start writing it yourself and make it real! Oh, that will stop a lot of wannabe marketers in their tracks, especially the ones that use spinners and other software tools to create garbage content.

Second, whether Alan’s blog was deleted by an automated flagging system or not, the fact remains that if you want to build a really bullet-proof site, then you are going to have to pay for a domain and some hosting. Its not as if it will break the bank, either. You can get a .com domain from GoDaddy for around $10 or less with a coupon, and host it at Hostgator for less than $10 a month. Do me a favour and click the small banners for those two companies at the top of my sidebar – it’ll cost you nothing and I get a small commission for my trouble. Thanks!

Its chicken feed for the piece of mind and professionalism that goes with owning your own piece of cyber real estate that not only can no one take away from you but you can even sell at a later date if you have made it into something that really does make money and you have grown tired of it, or you want to flip it for a nice tidy profit.

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say – jeez two posts in one week! What has come over me???

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4 thoughts on “Wiping Cyber Egg Off My Face…”

  1. Yeah I about crapped when I saw you posted twice in such a short period of time. I must be out of the loop today because I didn’t know Alan got his blog back until I read your post. I’m happy he did. Even though it was less competition for me, I hate to see someone who has worked so hard for so long lose it all.

  2. I have to agree. I used to love blogger but after my deletions I can’t face it again. A years work gone just like that is too much to risk for a couple of quid a year for your own hosting.

    I would recommend everyone to use it sparingly and certainly to never think of it as a main money maker, as I know a number of people do.

  3. Hey Trent – your email got through straight to moderation – no askimet! Cool. When I looked yesterday he was out of the SERPs but today he’s back at the top again – and your site was creeping up page 1 nicely too lol!

  4. Absolutely, Dave. Blogger was once a good place to set up shop, but it got too spammed and the owners have had enough I guess. Its still a good place for writing up your granny’s cookie recipes but as for making money, I wouldn’t trust it any more

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