First Post

Here is the very first post of the new Honest Way blog associated with and now a physical part of The Honest Way.

It’s been a whole 3 weeks now since The Honest Way went on the air on 10th March 2007. In that time, it has undergone several superficial changes with regards its look, feel and content.

The Honest Way started with a few affiliate products, two free informational articles and a few affiliate links in the sidebar. Now its has grown considerable in that short time. There are now 8 full articles, a good list of recommended affiliate products, an opt-in form linked to an autoresponder, a forum and now this blog.

We’ve been watching the web stats since day one, when we were getting a handful of hits to begin with, buat that hit rate climbed sharply as the articles that were submitted to Ezine Articles were published and visitors started coming over to see what the site was all about. After two weeks of regular article submissions and posts on forums and message boards, the hits had climbed steadily enough for the prediction that we would see over 5,000 hits by the 31st of March.

Well, it continued to grow until the last few days we were getting over 1,000 hits per day. The final count at the end of the 31st was over 12,000 hits. That exceeded all expectations and has set us up for a possible 20,000 hit prediction for April.

We shall see…

As for the forum it has started slowly as expected, with only a few announcements in other forums going out. The first invitation went to forum members as that was the first forum that I found in my early days online. The members there are friendly and very helpful – and probably saved me from a savaging by the scammers and rip-off artists that litter the online business world. At the time of writing, the forum has 15 members and there are around 60 posted topics.

If anyone wants to join the forum, all good, decent and friendly people are welcome. There is a registration process that has email verification to help keep the worst of the spammers at bay. If potential members find this too much trouble, then they probably wouldn’t want to stay and be part of the new, hopefully friendly community – and we probably wouldn’t want them as members. Fair play.

That’s all for this first post. There will be more on a regular basis keeping the business up to date and the search engines happy with lots of fresh content!

Come back again soon for more…

Terry Didcott

The Honest Way