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Postby Scooter » Tue Aug 04, 2009 12:04 am

Greetings All ! :-)

In reading the Global terms of this forum I am providing this thread in haste -- not sure if it passes the muster, but the abiguity of the rules makes me believe that providing this info re: my newly created article publishing page view resource, should not ruffle any feathers -- I hope?
Having not so good of luck on the Adsense end of IM, I supplemented my entrepreneuership by writing articles at eHow and Associated Content where I have several published articles gaining $ with PPM and upfront payment, respectively... Anyhow, my brain -- an always running machine seeking prospects in these tough economic times here in the USA -- came up with an idea to create a resource site where article publishers could both post their respective articles for other freelance writers to visit for PPM, and to reciprocate the page visit love by viewing other writers' articles in the process. A rather simple prospect for generating income for each other :-)
So in a nutshell, thats it. I created a blog through blogspot where freelance writers can share their links, view other articles, and enjoy a [hopeful] lucrative income in the process...
Although rather new, it does well in the SERP's with the string "pay per pageview", placing 2nd on page one of Uncle G. I hope this is acceptable here in THW and that we may all enjoy the benefits of huge pay per page view payoff's.

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