GuideBook/Resources on Blogspot Templates

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GuideBook/Resources on Blogspot Templates

Postby xxecxx » Thu May 28, 2009 4:54 pm

hi, anyone knows where to read up on the syntax/coding used in blogspot xml templates?

i have been making changes to the templates by test and error and some reverse engineering..but thats only so far i can go and looking at different free templates

need to understand all the stuff about <b:section> <b:if cond=' <b:includable and so on
btw, i can do css/php/xml and stuff, so no problem understanding basics

are there any good books or online resources i get distract myself with over the weekend?
i am sure theres some good stuff out there...but buried among the millions of free blogspot templates me-too sites

anyone? ;-) ;-)
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