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Reseller Hosting, Unlimited Domains, Marketing Tools + More!

Postby TrentBrownrigg » Wed Jan 13, 2010 3:59 am

I was recently recommended a resource by a good friend of mine who I have done a lot of business with. It looks like it could be a great way to spread some IP's around while also making money promoting it if you wanted.

Ultimately it is a little more per month than reseller hosting would cost at somewhere like hostgator, but it's got a bunch of other stuff included that can be useful for internet marketers along with the business opportunity.

Here's some of the things you get with membership:

Reseller Hosting
Unlimited Domains
Marketing Tools
Live Conference
Easy Video Producer
Competition Spy Program
Training Videos
Compensation Plan
...And More.

It's only $1 for a 14 day trial if anyone wants to check it out and see what you think. (yes that is an affiliate link, of course)

I know most of the time programs like this just have a bunch of useless products or services thrown together so they can hide behind them and make their business opportunity look good. However, in my honest opinion, that is not the case here.

As I said, it was recommended to me by someone I know and trust so I figured I would at least do the trial and see what it's all about. I've been with it for almost two months now and I have decided to stick with it. The unlimited hosting is obviously nice but a lot of the other stuff could also be very useful at times. Plus, I always like having the possibility of building a passive income from the tools and services I am using anyway.

I doubt anyone here really gives a crap, but in case you do, there are a bunch of big name internet marketers and network marketers who are clients of GVO...

Ewen Chia
Stephen Pierce
Mike Filsaime
Derrick Van Dyke
Tellman Knudson
Mark Call
Michael Cheney
Ken Hammond
Frank Bauer
Tom Beal
Fran Sousa
Daegan Smith
Ken McArthur
Glenn Moser
Ned Rae

And a bunch more! You can see all of them here if you care to know more: (also an affiliate link)

Oh, and if you really want to promote it and you're good, you can win a BMW M3! The owner is giving his away. Details of that are here if you are interested: (another affiliate link)

Anyway, I just thought I would let everyone know about it in case anyone is interested. Yes, I will obviously earn/benefit if you join from any of my links posted above, but either way I really do think it could be useful for many of the members here.
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