Outsourcing: Bang for Your Buck?

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Outsourcing: Bang for Your Buck?

Postby MasterOfNone » Fri Sep 12, 2008 3:45 pm

So, since I've actually been making money online, I've started to look to outsource some of my work to rapidly grow my business as much as possible. I figure anything that helps me grow faster is worth spending money on, since oftentimes the investment is only a fraction of the future expected monthly earnings of a site, which makes getting it done faster a good deal IMO. Here is what I've tried, and what I though about it:

100 Do Follow Social Bookmarks
Not sure about these. The links are certainly showing up, but I've yet to notice a SERP boost. I've got my own social farm that is smaller, but each profile has more juice. I've also got it fairly automated so I can bookmark fast. I'm not sure how often I'll be using this one in the future, but it does get links.

100 Directory Submissions
Not sure about these guys either. Maybe as I wait longer, I'll be able to see more results. This is dirt cheap anyways, so it might be worth doing.

Cheap Content
It's possible to get content for 1 cent a word. It sucks, but you can use it for AdSense sites if you really want to. Also works for mass article submission type things. I'm kind of shying away from this in favor of...

Quality Content
If you find a good author, you'll get content thats actually interesting and informative to read. I've been thrilled with this so far, makes it feel like your niche site is becoming a really valuable resource. Of course, this might lower your AdSense CTR.

Social Link Bait Content
I'm in the process of trying this now. There are providers that will write the content and submit it to many social sites, which would give you a traffic spike along with some links from diverse sources. I'm interested to see what happens. This would be more for product sites than AdSense sites.

So, what kind of outsourcing techiques have you employed, and how much did they benefit you compared to their cost? I'm hoping to have an efficient system down where I can say that 1 new site = this much money to build, which can be compared to expected future ROI for decision making. This should help me grow much faster if I play it smart. What is your guys' experience?
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