Thoughts On Converting An Old CPA Offers Domain

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Thoughts On Converting An Old CPA Offers Domain

Postby MasterOfNone » Sat Aug 29, 2009 6:11 pm

Way back in the day, before I discovered niche sites, adsense, and SEO, I used to dabble in PPC to CPA offers. I never got into the flagrantly scammy stuff, but let's just say most of the offers I was promoting never really set well with me. One of my most successful sites was a wordpress blog where I would post CPA offers with a little description of what you would be getting. I used these blog posts as PPC landing pages at first, but over time I found myself getting a fair bit of organic traffic.

Now, I've stopped all that PPC and CPA activity, but the domain is still there, getting a trickle of traffic and making a trickle of money. Since the domain is oriented around "special offers," I was thinking I could make use of it and convert it into something more legit. The only problem is I'm not sure what I should be promoting on there. Are there some good sources affiliate "deals" I could be writing about on there? I'm thinking I might start poking around CJ and seeing what I can find, but I was wondering what you guys would do with a site/domain like this? I'm open to new ideas.
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